Get an email like this tonight to help you SAY NO TO THE VACCINE PASSPORT

If you fill in your contact details on the homepage – , we can send you an electorate-specific email tonight that will help you contact the MPs that represent you.

If we can get thousands and thousands of emails out…it WILL HELP! The pressure will mount and the vaccine passport idea won’t even get off the ground.

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    1. It is possible to copy the email addresses. If you are having trouble with doing them in bulk (this method is to move your mouse to the top left of the list -Jason, Hold down your left mouse button & drag across & down. The with your mouse, move over the top of the highlighted words, RIGHT click mouse button & then left click on COPY. Go to you BCC LEFT click to activate the cursor & then RIGHT click your mouse button & left click on PASTE.
      If you find that it misses one or more, go back to each individual email link & do the same process. The only one that missed for me doing this process was the last one senator.mckenzie……so I had to do it separately… Let me know if it works for you. OR if the instructions are not clear….?

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