Half-a-million vaccinations per week soon: PM urges Australians to get the jab

The rollout is NOT going well!

“Australia has been far slower than others to immunise its population, with data analyst Anthony Macali telling The New Daily the number of Australians fully vaccinated against COVID-19 could be as low as 400,000.”


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  1. They have lost alot of their narrative control power , as long as many refuse the narrative of containment and restrainment , it will set us up perfect, we need to realise we dont have to do anything they say , if u say no , im not getting it , your safe and will begin to travel to 5D , if you say ill just get it to make life easier , then your accepting to remain in the 3D controlled matrix of a reality , basically they want u all to remain in HELL(3D) , HEAVEN is 5D and that is what the battle is over , keeping the minds contained in 3D , time to find that inner fire and breakout from the fake reality , life and death is a circle , they are the same damn thing , its hard to accept but we live forever , the body is not who u are , its a vessel you enter for a limited time , to have an experience , when you are vibrating in the 5D reality , you begin to understand that nothing really matters like we are told that matters in 3D . You can own everything and live in  3D , all u will achieve is a good life for yourself and family never helping anyone else, in 5D we are helping eachother , we are feeling amazing in 5D , 3D feelings are dense and happyness is a limited emotion , like u have to work 6months to obtain a holiday to be happy for a week or an hour or a night , in 5D you can be happy 24-7 , whats more important to you? the way you feel daily , or the materialistic items?  The way you feel daily is by far way more important than any amount of materialistic items, you can do way more with high vibrational feelings(energy) compared to low vibrational feelings(energy) . .                                                                                                                             Hes an example , everyone in 3D is stacking cash to buy things for there own reality ………..                       Im in 5D and i am stacking cash , investing my earnt cash so it grows to a massive amount so i can use it to pull off my structure that benefits everyone , all my resources are being used to better everyones reality , i dont care about my reality , i care about making everyones reality better, i care because i understand i can pull it off , hell ive been slaying and evading dark forces before anyone knew they existed and was controlling us . . . 

    I write  so people can begin to grasp just how damn powerful we actually are, everyone can be so damn powerful and completely have control over there reality and others that are running on a low vibration(3D) . 

    Us old souls are travelling the hard road putting up all the sign posts before the population walks the roads back to empowerment, we are constructing a Light Grid(high vibrational energy pools, a highway back to 5D) .

    Those that know me and understand i speak from another world will tell you all, just how damn serious i am about forcing change by any means necessary, from what i was 20years ago to what i have become now in these days , is such a massive increase in CONSCIOUSNESS, i could wreck my body tomorrow and be statifised with what ive achieved here, but fortunately i will get the glory of activating my structure before anything happens to me, the amount ive learnt about my own souls thru my travels and living in 5D vibrations is why i am so damn voiceful , im not crazy nor speaking for the sake of speaking , ive tapped into myself , chosen what parts of my souls i wish to embody, the knowledge of yourself is the most powerful energy you can store, understanding your soul and what  your soul has access to is the secret to running on such vibrations you cannot be put under a spell of the 3D matrix control narrative, it will take many years for you to fully develop a understanding of your own soul(trust me its a longroad, but easy , just takes time before u gain a new understanding of reality) .  

    Let me break that last part down abit ,    i have 2 souls , im a twin soul . . . took me about 11years on my path of self discovery before i discovered i have 2 souls, this is how i discovered just how real the souls are. . 
    I had some DMT (probs my 5th time of having DMT) , i was sitting in a car with my mate, he went first, i followed up straight away by hitting the DMT cone after him, next 20seconds after the breakthru launched us , i was transparent blue , sitting in the back of the car , talking with my solid self in the front seat, i switched places with my second soul , only for a minute or so , but i was talking to my solid self from a transparent blue body , my solid self spoke back to me and was in full control of my body while i was outside the body speaking back to it, i could see thru myself as i was transparent blue . . . . . 

    That experience assisted me in giving even more belief an faith that my second soul playing in the external realms , was in full control of my navigational route , i am able to communicate with my second soul fluently these days, he is the master of the road we take , plots and marks out the road to travel , i am the pilot that handles all the balancing acts of feelings and emotions while maintaining the course he lays out for me to best of my ability , sometimes i have to wait 1 to 5 years to understand why i had to travel such roads,  it looked like a wake of destruction in the early stages but it wasnt destruction it was way more than that, i just couldnt understand at the time , now i fully understand why everything ive done has been done the way it has , basically i dont even need to know whats next as my second soul lets me know when and where to turn , but as my conciousness has grown to such levels, i can now begin to see where hes been steering us, i can begin to see the finish line , i hated my life , cos it was so hard to understand , now i love my life because of the hardships ive endured to get where i am now, and where i am now is in a position where i can see whats next , and i have everything i need to pull the structure off all by myself . . 

    All im saying is this , we dont need no damn elite / globalists telling us how to live or where to turn, we have our own navigational systems , our own creational powers , we can be masters of the way we feel , the way we choose to live life can be upto us , i can only write about my experiences of the soul discovery , i no longer remove walls(used to remove 3D controlling walls in my younger days from peoples vibration[mindstate]) and elevate people to higher vibrations, that is upto each individual to travel , but im always here to bring clarity to anyone’s soul discovery road they may be travelling . I am able to identify any wall that is restraining a soul from raising out of 3D and back into 5D vibrations from a simple conversation. Ive built a highway from 3D to 5D for the souls to travel (my manifestation is a massive light grid , once activated will elevate everyones vibration to 5D energys.

    My words may be confusing or even out of this world  when you read them , but trust me , i am very experienced in explaining the differences between 5D to 3D as they both run on different languages , different vibrations , one is heaven and the other is hell . In another 5years i will have a one sentence line i could use that will unlock everything and place you in 5D instantly. They have most of us living in hell , im here to bring us back to heaven , why? because i can see the equations required to get us there(many others can to) , and well its why im here at this time , to put in work and do what needs to be done. .

    I would spend the next 5years learning how you feel, and learning to change how you feel , the way you feel is a way to determine your vibration , with analyzing of your feelings u will begin to understand you have control over how u feel , you will learn that the way you feel is actually how you can determine what is in the near future of your reality, as all information is within the way you feel, if something bad is about to happen to you, you will feel it in your feelings before it actually happens, with practice and time you will learn to control your future by adjusting your feelings(energy) to make your road super cruisy, example if i have a bad as feeling about next week , with feeling your feelings i can identify i have more outgoings in money than my income , i can become aware and not spend anything this week so next week i can aford the outlay next week , once i accept thats something i must do, my feelings will shift , the bad feeling leaving the space is a sign of no hurdles ahead.
    Control over your feelings = control over your creational powers
    I have something i will unleash in 2027 , if your in control of your feelings , you will feel exactly what ive done, if your not , you have the potential to throw rocks at me again(as the dark forces rallies the population to attack targets threating their control of the minds of the population) , but be warned , they will bounce back off my defenses and come straight back at you , so just know , im not attacking u back , its merely reflectional protection ive put up . As i activate it , the dark forces will hit me with everything again , hence my over the top defenses, i am ready this time. . . 

    Alright theres a novel i didnt expect to write today , but here it lays , thats it for awhile, whether u understand my novel or not , dont stress it dosnt mean anything , its not about whos in front or whos behind etc, im giving u a taste of 5D running gears and motivators , i will keep my novels small and far between over the next 5 years as  i move towards my goal posts, sorry Monica for using your post(i shall create a group soon or not jump off anyones posts for future content), but Scottys meme of his controlling 3D narrative push of vaccines was the perfect base to launch from =)

    People working together = a flawless win 
    I dont want any thanks or anything in return for my work(will become clear in 2027) , im not doing this for you , im doing this for me , i never fail , got a record to maintain and plus the vibrations i get to vibrate on , is payment enough!