RDA’s Healthcare Workers’ pushback against COVID vaccine mandates REVEALED

RDA is coordinating small, peaceful demonstrations from 15th – 17th Nov in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We represent 1,600 stood-down healthcare workers. Attendees will be primarily stood down healthcare workers who want their jobs back so they can save lives again. This is not a protest; this is a peaceful gathering to raise awareness of the critical situation these mandates have created.


  1. Create enough pressure to lift vaccine mandates for healthcare workers Australia-wide.
  2. Raise awareness that mandates could be contributing to the 000 and emergency crisis.
  3. Raise awareness that no one asked the patients/clients of healthcare workers what they
  4. People’s lives are at risk because of this, it’s that simple. There are thousands of healthcare workers trained and ready to work…LET THEM SAVE LIVES AGAIN!

So far, RDA has…

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  1. Meanwhile, here in The Western Lands under High Pontiff Masky Mark McClown, the government is sending nurses out to offer vaccinations door to door.
    Masky had a run at this earlier in the year. Door to door on weekends – hello, just wondering if you’re all vaxxed at this residence? It lasted one weekend. Two at the most.
    Even the most ardent fans of the jab must get disheartened when door after door is slammed in your face.

  2. Destruction of Medical Ethics and Patients ‘Rights – Qld and Australian Governments

    Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare – INFORMED CONSENT:-

    ***Any healthcare treatment, procedure or other intervention undertaken without consent is unlawful

    Ensuring informed consent is properly obtained is a legal, ethical and professional requirement on the part of all treating health professionals and supports person-centred care. Have enough information about their condition, treatment options, the benefits and risks relevant to them, and alternative options for them to make an informed decision to consent.

    This includes the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns.


    1 Material risks are risks where a “reasonable person, in the position of the person being recommended the treatment or procedure, is warned of the risks that they would likely attach significance to; or if the healthcare provider is or should be reasonably aware that the particular person if warned of the risk, would likely attach significance to it” – Rogers v Whitaker (1992) 175 CLR 479



    Mr Augusto Zimmermann is Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, and Professor of Law (Adjunct) at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney campus.

    Dr Zimmermann was chairman and professor of constitutional law at Murdoch University from 2007 to 2017.

    He is also a former Law Reform Commissioner in WA (2012-2017) and President of the Western Australian

    Legal Theory Association (WALTA).

    As can be seen, section 51 (xxiiiA) maintains the prohibition of vaccination through any form of government-run health service, indicating that vaccination should only be through voluntary means in accordance with the free communications between medical doctor and patient, which is essential to achieve a high-quality healthcare.

    To conclude: The Australian Constitution explicitly prohibits any form of legal compulsion upon the medical profession to carry out any form of medication, including vaccination.

    In fact, no government, either federal or state, can impose compulsory vaccination in this country, or prevent medical practitioners from remaining entirely free to choose whether or not to provide certain medical services, including vaccination. Continued >




    The TGA DOES NOT HAVE an “Emergency Use Authorisation” pathway for COVID-19 vaccines. 9 August, 2022

    Is it true? Were COVID-19 vaccines rushed through approvals or given emergency use authorisations in Australia?

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisionally approved these vaccines after a complete assessment of all the available data (comment > NOT TRUE AS NO DATA WAS AVAILABLE !)


    TGA COVID 19 Vaccine PRODUCT INFORMATION – First Approval 16 February, 2021 – Date of Revision 8 April, 2021 – NO DATA AVAILABLE FOR SAFETY & EFFICACY ! No data available on anything !


    Also in Vaccines Graphene Hydroxide/Graphene Oxide >