HELP CANADA – Email these people now

I have also done what I am asking you to do.

Email these people; – Minister of Tourism – Minister of Foreign affairs

This was my email to them


My organisation has a large following in Australia and we have been watching what is going on in Canada with the PEACEFUL protesters. 

My Mum was born there, and my 4 older siblings were as well. I have also travelled the entire country from Victoria Island all the way to Newfoundland. I LOVE CANADA! As someone with Canadian blood in my veins and a love for democracy in my heart, I weep seeing what is happening to your country. 

I am appalled by the actions of Trudeau and the Canadian Government. Trudeau has not even met with the organisers or tried to negotiate at all, he has ignored the voice of the people and brought in martial law. 

I hope you plan to do something to restore democracy and human rights in your beautiful country. 

The whole world is watching Canada…and you!

It’s not too late to stand up for the people and do the right thing. You know in your heart this is wrong…listen to your heart!

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  1. Sent the following email:
    The world is watching how your country deals with PEACEFUL protesters.

    This is not about Covid-19 (see below), but is politically-based, and is about destroying democracy and instituting a totalitarian regime in Canada, possibly under the auspices of the WEF.
    History has shown us that extremists, both right-wing (e.g Nazi), and left-wing (e.g. Communist), are capable of horrendous crimes against humanity, with Hitler’s Nazis being responsible for the deaths of more than 6 million people, and Stalin’s Communists being responsible for the deaths of more than 20 million people.

    Be clearly aware that whilst Canada may not have reached this point yet, with the denial of the democratic right to free speech it is now moving towards such a scenario!

    Covid-19 has recently been shown by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to be not much of a danger to anyone – less that 1% of those who caught Covid-19 have died, and of those who died a high percentage had an average of 3+ comorbidities, with the average ages for both males and females who died from/with Covid-19 above the Australian all-cause average death ages for males and females.
    The pharmaceutical companies themselves admitted from the very beginning that the ‘vaccines’ (actually ‘gene therapy’ (called as such by Moderna in their EUA)) neither immunize a person from Covid-19, nor stop vaccinated people from passing on the virus – their only claim was that the ‘vaccines’ would stop people from getting the worst symptoms, including the need for hospitalization and death (this has also proven over time to be incorrect).
    And the long term affects have gradually been making themselves known over the last two years following their premature rollout – the lack of long-term clinical trials meant that the long-term affects were not known prior to the ‘vaccine’ rollouts.

    Please think deeply about what your country is doing to its people, who only want the truth to prevail.

    Also got a ‘could not deliver’ with Randy:
    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    550: 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) []
    Does anyone know the correct email address?


      1. Thank you for that, I have re-written to that corrected address.
        I also note that it has since been corrected at the top…

        Well done to everyone that is writing!!
        Keep smiling

  2. Sent a personal letter, Randy email addy does not work. Melanie gave auto reply… I hope she can pass it on, or care to open it.

    Imagine a world where no one can be deceived… A world based on co-operation rather than competition. Every one of all of you are in my thoughts…

  3. The RCMP has a contact page here:


    I sent them this:

    To the members of Senior Executive Council, RCMP,


    I write to you as a concerned citizen of the British Commonwealth regarding the shameful actions of Canadian authorities against peaceful protesters in Ottawa which is being witnessed around the world. 

    While I myself am an Australian by naturalisation and Irish by birth, I am deeply concerned and connected with Canada and it’s affairs as the majority of my paternal family are Canadian, living in and around Toronto and in Newfoundland.

    I am alarmed and deeply concerned to see how peaceful demonstrators are being first ignored, then misrepresented and now physically assaulted and arrested by Canadian authorities. Here in Australia, protestors in our national capital have likewise been violently attacked without lawful provocation by the Australian Federal Police who have turned long range acoustic weapons upon hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors, including children. Such disgraceful abuses of authority in our respective nations surely must not be allowed to occur without justice being served upon those who have ordered such actions and those who have followed such illegal orders. But unless those in authority are people of conscience and honour and will stand up against misrule on behalf of the people, what have our nations to look forward to but the confirmation and establishment in the corridors of power of a tyranny of the very worst kind?

    Have our governments both not violated article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which prohibits medical experimentation without free and informed consent under any circumstances, even those which threaten the life of the nation? Are not mandates which deny people the ability to work and make a living unless they participate in a global medical experiment a clear and undeniable vitiation of consent by force of economic duress? Is it not the civic duty of every Canadian citizen to protest most stridently against these violations and abuses of authority? It would seem so to me and to millions in Australia, millions in Canada and billions around the world which is watching our two countries very closely at this crucial time in history.

    I urge you as people of conscience upon whom the gravest responsibility lies, to take action on behalf of the Canadian people in defence of those rights and liberties guaranteed them by your great nations constitution, charter of rights and by international laws. I know you can see that these circumstances are immoral and unlawful and that your conscience must, like the consciences of all who possess one, plead with you to stand up publicly against those who by abuse of public office are truly violating law, and in defence of those who are merely guilty of possessing the courage to denounce them.

    Please stand up with the honour and courage of true Canadians to denounce the actions of both our governments. 


    deacon Stephen McKay

    Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

    St. John the Baptist Skete

    Kentlyn, NSW


    m: +61 447 214 682”

  4. I received this letter from one of the MP for Pontiac on the list. Sophie Chatel. I guess I may receive more.
    Hi Dominique,

    Thanks for having taken the time to write to me. Law, order, and good governance represent the pillars of our constitution. When law and order is restored to Ottawa, we need to reflect on how we got to this place. In Canada, where we share so many democratic values, how could we grow so divided? We need a national conversation to reinvigorate our civil society. This conversation will help us to heal our wounds and reaffirm our commitment to democracy.

    In traveling throughout Pontiac, I have always been struck how, despite the fact that we speak different languages or wear different hats, we share fundamental Canadian values. We will always have our differences, but we need to rediscover how to talk to each other again. As a country, we need to understand the concerns that brought so many to Parliament Hill. We also need to ascertain to what extent foreign forces and dark money contributed to this movement.

    Many citizens expressed concern about the government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. I listened to your arguments and share many of your concerns. I will vote in favor of the Act because its measures are targeted, time limited, and do not supersede the charter of rights. I believed that our national security was at stake. This occupation’s organizers crafted a fifteen-page memorandum calling for the overthrow a democratically elected government. This conspiracy was born in the dark corners of Internet, the movement was penetrated by foreigners and white supremacists from the beginning, and more than fifty percent of the donors were from the US. Most of the people on Wellington may have felt that they were legitimately protesting vaccine mandates, but we cannot ignore the consistent presence of confederate flags and Trump signs among their ranks. Neither can we forget that the occupation in Ottawa was connected to a larger insurgency that targeted our borders, put many Canadians out of work, threatened our economy, and damaged our reputation.

    The Emergencies Act is a temporary measure that never suspended the civil liberties of Canadians. It was invoked as a last restort, because its tools were necessary to restore law and order in Ottawa. The implication of foreigners at all levels of this movement also makes the Emergencies Act legitimate. The Act has proven critical in suffocating the money fueling the insurrection. “Freedom” is inconsistent with denying the citizens of Ottawa their rights. Protest is a democratic right, but laying siege to our capital was unlawful. Demanding the overthrow of government isn’t legitimate dissidence; it’s sedition.

    I agree with Canadians that are concerned that the Emergencies Act sets an unfortunate precedent. One important provision of the Act is the creation of a review committee to identify what went wrong, who financed and benefited from this insurrection, and whether the situation merited this emergency measure. This is an important conversation to have, and we need to listen to each other, find better ways to bridge our differences and ensure that this type of anarchy does not happen again. I believe in Canadian democracy. When the going gets tough we will find a way to rally together and reaffirm our common commitment to multicultural democracy.

    Take care,


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