Monica interviews another hero MP – Senator Alex Antic

Senator Alex Antic has been fighting against Vaccine mandates for the last 8 months. He won’t give up and he’ll go down in history as a hero of the people.

To learn more about Senator Alex Antic visit his Website or Facebook Page

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  1. Why are the Federal government not using the Constitution? It clearly states if the State makes a law at odds with the Constitution then the Constitution overrides that state law. It also does not state ANYWHERE that an “emergency” nullifies anything in the Constitution. I am just disgusted with the “leaders” at ALL levels. None of this is about “health”.

    Don’t start me on the jabs… why have the government deliberately removed any treatments, outlawed the test showing antibodies (natural immunity) from an infection and absolutely no consideration of that when demanding jabs in every arm? Neither are any exemptions considered in this country.

    Wake Up People.

    1. I agree..
      can’t understand how the governments have turned on us.
      There is very little evidence that anyone in government is serious about questioning the BIG LIE.
      Its a joke visiting a GP. Locked out until certain obligations are fulfilled. A questionnaire on travel, symptoms and testing. A mask then the 1.5M seating arrangement.

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