HUGE Swing Against the Major Parties Among RDA Supporters

Most Reignite Democracy Australia followers have turned their backs on the major parties and plan to vote for one of the ‘freedom’ parties at the upcoming Federal election, according to the results of a large survey.

The findings predict a HUGE swing against the three (3) major parties, at least amongst the 14,450 RDA followers who completed the survey in late December of 2021.

While the cause of the swing is not certain, it is likely to have been the Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Liberal/National Coalition appearing to be hardest hit.

Back in 2019, 34.7% of the survey respondents voted for the Liberal/National Coalition as their top choice, making it the most popular party at the time.

Now however, just 2% – yes two per cent – say they will be voting for the Coalition in this year’s Federal election, due to take place before May 21, 2022.

In 2019, 13.1% of the respondents voted Labor, making it the third most popular party among the survey respondents, close behind Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, chosen by 13.4%.

But only 1.6% – that is not a typo – of those doing the survey say they intend to vote for Anthony Albanese’s party in 2021.

Votes for the Australian Greens also look set to slump – from 6.9% in 2019 to 0.7% in 2021.

So, among RDA followers, the rejection of the three major parties is profound.

The chart (Figure 1) below, shows how respondents said they planned to vote in the upcoming Federal election. The intentions of RDA followers are clear – they will be voting for freedom!

The biggest slice -34.9% of RDA supporters – said they will be voting for the United Australia Party. Next was 19.3% for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. Then 9.4% for an independent, 7.6% for the Great Australian Party, and 7.0% for the Liberal Democrats.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison may have taken the tempting ride of populism, but it certainly does not seem to be popular among some of the Coalition’s erstwhile stalwart supporters.

After all, he has suffocated the Liberal-Democratic principles of his party, while forcing through a pandemic agenda of lockdowns, fear propaganda, mandatory vaccination, and divisive discrimination, to the applause of people on the socialist side of politics who would never vote for him anyway!

Instead, the people who have turned away from him are those who hold the core principles of Liberal Democracy dear – the very people who voted Coalition last time!

On these results, it looks like Morrison is leading his party to electoral disaster.  

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  1. Let’s hope every Australian votes with their brain and heart this year against the governments that fudged the entire country over. I’m voting UAP or Pauline Hanson this year.

  2. We are fortunate in that several of the minors such as the UAP, LDP, PHONP and KAP etc are on the ball giving us a fair dinkum choice.
    Well done Monica and family!

    1. Spot on, Anthony, and I want to add my voice to the ‘Well done Monica and family!’ I have done voluntary work all through the c-virus period after losing my job at the start of that debacle, so in that vein, I have just completed the attached volunteer form for the upcoming election period, and I sincerely ask everyone to please do the same. Every single protest action and event from local street corner gatherings to the heroic Canadian truckers and Convoy to Canberra, have all added to the groundswell that HAS to have ALL politicians and their unelected bureaucrats and stormtrooper henchmen realising that the TIME FOR ACCOUNTING is coming upon them even quicker than anyone thought possible.
      To make that a deadset SURE THING, we need boots on the ground, bodies in movement, and brains in action on an UNPRECEDENTED ( I swore I would NEVER use that word!) scale in this country. If you are ever going to get involved to make a change, right the wrongs, and bring those culpable to account, now is THE time! The future of Australia is trudeau’s canada, full-astern’s nz, biden’s america, and schwab’s great reset if you don’t. Don’t believe me? Then just sit back and watch it happen TO YOU!