Is this new Victorian party the dark horse?

With just over 13 weeks left till the Victorian election, many of us are feeling apprehensive about who to support, how to support them, and what strategy will be the most effective.

Over the next 13 weeks, we will independently collect data on who’s who in the ‘circus’ and will relay that info to you. Many of the parties’ registrations are still in limbo, so we don’t know which parties are officially running yet. When we do, we’ll let you know.

What we do know is that Freedom Party of Victoria State Leader, Morgan C Jonas, is set to contest an Upper House Seat in the upcoming Victorian State Election.  

Over the weekend, at a campaign launch for the party, State Leader, Morgan C Jonas, was announced as the candidate to contest for an Upper House Seat in the South Eastern Metropolitan Region. 

Victorians are looking for hope and change…could this party be the answer?

To date, more than 100,000 Victorians have left the state due to ongoing and systemic failures of an incompetent and corrupted government. 

“Victoria is now the most taxed state in Australia, has the highest debt in the country and a crumbling local economy due to 7 successive lockdowns,” Mr. Jonas stated. 

Jonas declared that the ‘government has failed the people and vowed to stand and fight alongside Victorians who are battling to survive. 

Key policy platforms of Freedom Party of Victoria are captured in three pillars: jobs, homes and families. 

“If we protected these key building blocks which are the foundation for a successful society to flourish, we could create a positive new direction for our state,” he said. 

Freedom Party of Victoria has experienced rapid growth as Victorians search for an alternative to the existing parties in the parliament. 

“Everyday people recognise the critical need to shift away from the existing parties who currently govern, in particularly the Labor and Liberal parties who have become two heads of the same creature,” he said. 

The party will field candidates that are ‘dedicated to serving the community in place of serving their self-interests’. 

In his vision for Victoria, Morgan noted that the majority of members sitting in the parliament are no longer ‘reflective of the Victorian spirit’.

He also addressed the controversial practice of buying preferences for cash and declared that Freedom Party of Victoria would ‘never exchange a single dollar for preferences’. 

“Democracy is not listed on the stock exchange and votes should never be traded for cash in this country – it needs to be criminalised” he said. 

He also encouraged those who love Victoria to mobilise for a common cause to ensure the Labor Party is not re-elected in November. 

“Acquiring the balance of power in the parliament only requires the changing of 5 of the 40 Upper House Seats at the election, which is absolutely achievable,” he said. 

Based on the progress of the party over the past few months and rapid growth in memberships and supporters, is Freedom Party of Victoria the dark horse in the election and best placed to obtain the balance of power?

To read their policies or to become a member, visit

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