Are you considered to be fully vaxxed? NOT FOR LONG…it’s booster time

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. If I get one of these I will return it to the Prime Deceiver with the message “go to hell”, which is the place this letter comes from.

    1. My first thoughts were I would write: ‘Get stuffed’.

      My second thoughts were: ‘I’ll collate links to articles and videos (particularly the Stew Peters Show), showing how benign the covid -19 virus is for a majority of people, the effective therapeutics which have been known and used successfully since April 2021, the fact Sweden’s stats show an enormously high survival rate, there is no science behind the use of masks, hospitals are incented to intubaet (thus have no interest in therapeutics, and all the information on how dangerous the vaccines are.

      My third thought was :’ It’s a waste of time because they have an agenda, so I’ll spend more time in praying about this and letting God work it out’.

      I am going with my third thought, and will save my second thought for those who want/need the information and perhaps as potential evidence for use in a trial where our communist treacherous politicians will be indicted for crimes against humanity.

  2. If everyone just puts “Return to Sender” on it without opening it and sends it back via the government’s sheltered workshop propaganda arm, then they might start to get the message.

  3. C’mon, you dont want everyone to think your a CONSPIRACY THEORIST do you? Then you had better keep getting the boosters. I know you might have friends that have taken it and had a reaction, but its very rare, trust us…..we want whats best for you, now do as we say and keep getting the jab, dont be a nutter like all those pro-choice, life loving, freedom extremists, they will make you sick. Now put a covering over your children’s mouths, and have them injected with untested mRNA technology so they can resume their training at the school, or people will think you are not a responsible parent. With this in perspective, surely you can trust us now, after all, we have needed your hard earned to keep us in this position. Looking after you is our way of saying thank you!

  4. No, I don’t need it. My immune system is strong. My secret is drinking water, exercise, and sun, and plenty of meat and veg. I would rather gamble COVID over a stroke any day. If you want to take these vaccines, due to concerns with your immune system, go right ahead, I will not judge you and I would not care. It’s not like these vaccines would stop me from spreading COVID anyway. Where is the logic in taking a vaccine that could put me at risk of a stroke, when my natual immune system is all, I need to fight off COVID.

    I am a “Kekistan” (it’s a joke, like the flying spaghetti monster) So, I would never submit to the nonsense of identity politics. I don’t care what you believe in, I don’t care who think you are, but if you’re a hypocrite or contradict yourself I will mock you, I am nor privileged or the victim. Yes, it’s unfortunate that some vulnerable people have poor immune systems, yet there is a vaccine for that. But I do not have a vulnerable immune system, I don’t need the vaccine, my ancestors did not need the vaccine. Plenty of people in the Third World have poor immune systems due to their lifestyle choices and personal diets, I’m happy to donate my vaccine to those who want it in the Third World, if they want it, but I would never force it upon them, I’m not a monster.

    And if nobody in the Third World wants these vaccines, when then tough luck for the multibillion-dollar big phama compaines.

  5. the reason why we have less cases isn’t because we have the highest vaccine, its because we one have a smaller population, & we have been in lockdown longer than any other country….The numbers around the world were higher last year & yet we didnt even have the vaccines. Even this year our numbers again so low but due to being in lockdown. Such a whole lot of bullshit & whats worse they believe in it.

  6. Andrews stands accused of two crimes: Misprision of Treason and Fraud @ Common Law
    As you may have already heard, on Wednesday November 3rd, Premier Daniel Andrews was criminally charged and served.
    Andrews stands accused of two crimes: Misprision of Treason and Fraud @ Common Law. While the former carries a penalty of life imprisonment, both are serious crimes which nullify all of the Andrews Government’s Antichrist mandates and restrictions upon the freedoms of law-abiding Victorian citizens.
    Melbourne Magistrates Court File Number 2021-00871
    Summary of Service Documents Re: Daniel Andrews below >
    Charge and Summons Andrews
    17 December, 2021
    Two counts:
    Misprison of Treason
    Fraud at Common Law

    The Service Documents re: Daniel Andrews consist of nine documents.
    More >

    Video: An Evocative Appeal from Some Indigenous People in Australia
    By TheCrowhouse
    Global Research, November 29, 2021

    1. Very interesting indeed. I was interested in the written comment that the police won’t act. Would they potentially face charges for not acting when they should?

    1. Additionally – 1 trillion dollars was spent for 30,000 people (if true). That would mean they spent over 33 million dollars per life saved. When you consider that most who die from covid are immuno-compromised in some way and elderly, and the cost to the economy from shutting down as well as death from suicide etc (which affects a broad spectrum of ages including the young), the cost becomes even more insane to consider. Truly we have evil and useless people leading the nation.

    1. It should read “Will take 30,000” once the real science of the long-term effects of these jabs come to light. Some people are already suffering from immune erosion where the body can’t fight other infections due to the vax. Look at Israel for that data. They were the first country to be fully vaxxed.