Double vaccinated Kmart ’superspreader’ even

After footage emerged online, many were shocked by the clips.

“There is something sick about this,” one social media user lamented. 

“Superspreader event waiting to happen,” another remarked.

One questioned: “What do they need from the shops at midnight on Sunday?”

As well as disbelief, there were claims many of the attendees didn’t sign in using the QR code system. 

New rules for the double vaccinated include mandatory face masks when shopping, social distancing, customer limits and QR code check-ins.

“Am I the only person to think that after everything NSW has gone through, lining up to shop and then battle it out at Kmart before and after midnight is about the dumbest reason for “Freedom”? one person wrote on Twitter.

“Looking at the crowds in Sydney last night is terrifying. I really don’t understand crowds queuing @kmart at all. Everyone could shop online during the lockdown. The behaviour is baffling,” another agreed.

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