LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS – Video 11: Massive hole in clinical trial

A team of Doctors, along with Craig Kelly and Ben Bornstein, show the limited evidence looked at by the ‘National COVID Clinical Evidence Task Force’ to make their decision to not recommend COVID-19 early treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – calling out this group (among others) for not wanting ANY early treatment.

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  1. This explanation of “not enough evidence” is about discrediting alternative treatments for Coronavirus. It’s not like these things are new, they’re not. There’s been scientific papers on these alternative treatments ever since SARS. The fact is, 1. Pharma doesn’t make any money from these treatments and 2. They wouldn’t not get their emergency funding for ‘vaccines’ if these treatments were adopted. They couldn’t 1. ‘sell the lockdown’ or 2. ‘sell’ experimental injections. There’s NO benefit to either governments or industry if people are allowed to take control of either their freedom or their health.

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