Mobilise the Church Against Daniel Andrews!

This may be specific to the Church (capital C meaning the collective Christian Church), but this is still relevant to all types of organisations, religious or not. Voting Andrews out is paramount.

The following article from Spectator Australia

Churches in Victoria must mobilise their congregations to vote Daniel Andrews out of office.

Sure the Liberals are hopeless, but at least they don’t hate Christians. The same cannot be said for the Andrews government.

Not only does the Victorian Labor government continually enact legislation that is an affront to Christian principles – whether on abortion, or euthanasia, or on LGBTQ+ issues – it does so with a snarkiness that conveys complete contempt for people of faith.

Contrary to lefty conspiracy theories about fundamentalist Christians conspiring to run the country, church leaders are loath to become involved in partisan politics. They fear doing so is a distraction from their core business of spreading the message of Jesus.

It’s true, Jesus commanded us to love our enemies. But he never said we should keep electing them to positions of power over us.

If Andrews’ hostility towards Christians is rewarded with re-election in November, it will only embolden his attacks on the church.

This week the Premier derided orthodox Christian teaching on human sexuality and sanctity of life as ‘appalling views’.

‘That kind of intolerance and hatred is just wrong,’ he said, joining a media pile-on to discredit Anglican Andrew Thorburn who had been appointed CEO of the Essendon Football Club.

Since when was it in the purview of a Premier to announce which existential views were acceptable, and which were not?

Who elected Daniel Andrews, god?

He certainly governs like he is.

Last year, the Andrews government passed so-called conversion therapy laws which made it an offence for ministers to pray for a parishioner – even at their request – to resist homosexual urges.

Believe what you like about the morality or otherwise of homosexuality, when the state dictates what can and cannot talk to God about, it’s a sign that the state has not only invaded the church, but it is also drunk on the communion wine.

When a reporter asked this week if the resignation of Andrew Thorburn meant Christians could no longer take on public roles, Andrews snapped back:

‘No. They might want to think about whether they should be a bit more kind-hearted, a bit more inclusive.’

And then, addressing his faithful flock (by which I mean the media) he sermonised: ‘Aren’t we all God’s children?’

Oh please!

Has a political leader ever invoked the name of God with less sincerity?

Okay, apart from Nancy Pelosi (the Democrat Speaker of the House once argued that it was her Christian faith that led her to support abortion).

If the media had stopped worshipping Andrews long enough to hold him to account, they would have asked if peaceful protesters shot with rubber bullets at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance were ‘God’s children’.

And what about the unvaccinated who were effectively banned from public life for two years. Were they ‘God’s children’? Or are God’s children only those with a government-issued vaccine certificate…

Essential workers were God’s children. Non-essential workers could go to hell.

After waxing lyrical about all God’s children – and having insisting he was ‘not here to be having a debate with faith leaders’ – the Pope, ahem, Premier took a moment to instruct Catholics on how to be Catholic.

‘I will just say this. I’m a Catholic. I send my kids to Catholic schools. My faith is important to me and guides me every day.’

Wait. What? Wasn’t Andrew Thorburn kicked out of AFL heaven for fear that his Christian faith would guide him as Essendon CEO?

Andrews continued: ‘Everyone should be treated equally. Everyone should be treated fairly and for me, that’s my Catholicism. That’s my faith.’


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    1. MIA is an accurate description. I remember when Christian groups would talk to me on the streets 20+ years ago they would talk of the wrongs in the world and how they were praying and taking action to right them.
      Now they don’t seem to know or care, they say it doesn’t matter to them be ause they are only here for a short time and will soon be going to heaven forever.

      They have not been turned around 180 degrees, simply diverted off course in a well planned pych op.

      In Jesus day when the money lenders were in the temple, Jesus kicked over their tables and drove them out with a whip. The money lenders were tame compared to the WEF now.
      More than half the world are Christian,imagine if they woke up and were activly working on our side.