Message in relation to Donations for Monica’s Defence

Thank you for supporting Monica and taking a stand for democracy and human rights.

We are blessed and fortunate that our instructing solicitor and junior barrister are taking on Monica’s case pro-bono, meaning, they will not be accepting legal fees. However, should we engage a QC we will require funding of their legal fees and also to accommodate for other associated costs such as court/filing fees, administration fees, consultation fees, and disbursements which can become costly?

Should there be funds remaining upon conclusion of this matter, those who have contributed will be contacted and have the option to;

– Have their donation refunded.

– Have their donation directed to an orphanage.

– Have their donation directed to RDA for future campaigns and/or legal action.

From the team at RDA, we sincerely thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of support and financial contributions to help Monica mount her legal defence and fight for all Australian’s freedoms.

If you haven’t donated yet and are in the position to help financially, please donate here. If you are not in a position to contribute financially then your thoughts and prayers are gratefully appreciated.

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  1. Keep mine and put it towards the cause, or as another person here said, Monica can use it for whatever she likes- she has been put through a lot and given much.

  2. Wow imagine if AVI did this. It would kill him to give a $ back. He needed 10k got to 52k and then said LETS AIM FOR 70K, and kept it all for himself, then made a fortune asking for FTF which gave worthless fines merit by fighting, but he never mentioned money donated vs money spent.

  3. Arming yourself with some battle armour of jumpers and tshirts beanies and shirts is a great way to donate while spreading our movement wider =))), i donate by buying alot of products, fully kitted out here =)… RDA is the biggest and best movement supporting the peoples freedoms, I’ve scouted every movement out, and I have chosen to donate all my efforts and time to RDA… Big thanks to you all for finding your way to the place of the biggest gathering of people ever before in support for freedoms of the population…    The Fight is real 

  4. Attention all Peoples no matter where you live, Dr Reiner Fuellmich with the assistance of 1000’s of lawyers and scientists is conducting the World’s largest Tort case in human History. Tagged the Nuremberg 2.0 Trials, they will hold accountable all those involved and abetting this Gigantic Swindle and Genocide.
    Anyone harmed mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally are encouraged to contact his legal team to add their names to the cause.
    Reiner has deemed with near 100% certainty that this whole Covid Agenda is a 100% Fraud and Swindle.
    Anyone suffering fines and imprisonments are urged to contact Reiner to seek compensations thru their legal quest.
    Post WW2 100’s of Germans were executed for complying to Orders. Just as Premiers and departments have complied to Orders from ‘Health Ministers and Others’ so also they share equal Guilt in this whole evil Agenda.
    The Nuremberg Code penalties are DEATH!!

  5. I would be glad RDA kept my donation for any future battles and or person/people you/we support in fighting for our freedom and for righteousness. I also love my freedom fighter RDA hoodie and tshirt. We have to keep fighting this evil that’s come over the world. May God’s mercy be upon all of us ❤️