More stories of suffering flood in

Adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are increasingly common. Watch this interview with Federal Senator Gerard Rennick about his ultimatum to Scott Morrison to revoke the mandates.

What kind of government forces you to choose between having a vaccine or losing your job? Or makes you pay for your own complicated, ongoing medical care when you’ve become severely debilitated after following their demands? Or that silences you when you report a vaccine injury and then instructs you to get another injection anyway?

The Australian Government does. No, this is not scaremongering or the ravings of a wild ‘anti-vaxxer’. It is all true.

Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick was last week interviewed by Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia. He expressed his shock at the number of stories that have been told to him by people with severe, debilitating reactions to the vaccines. Among these reactions are paralysis, stroke and blood clots in a 19-year-old. His shock has recently turned to dismay as he has been unable to find a journalist who will report the truth.

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From Adam

“5 days in hospital after 2nd Pfizer shot, server chest pain, shortness of breath and pain running down arm. ecg was out and bloods were elevated.. was diagnosed with pericarditis.

With my stay in cardiac ward I was wired up to the heart monitor the whole time, countless blood tests, ecgs, X-rays, CT scan ultrasound, plus taking 20 tablets a day…

Now that I’m out if hospital was told to take certain meds for 3 months and take it easy..

Doctors and cardiologist wouldn’t go into detail on results.…..

Still recovering, I haven’t been working for the past two weeks and its it’s a grey area of when I can go back…
It’s disappointing that the government isn’t helping those that are out of work because of this vaccine. I’m financially struggling.. all savings went to keeping a roof over my head..

There apparently is a scheme where u can register to claim, but that’s all it is. You give them your name and details and that’s as far as it goes..”

From Jacine

2 days ago

“I am emotionally drained.

My youngest child had his second Vax on Friday.

Today he started having sharp chest pain and couldn’t breathe properly.

We’ve been up at the hospital all day.

He’s been admitted to the ward for further investigation as no signs of pericarditis even though symptoms are classic of it. Waiting to hear if blood clots are the issue tomorrow after contrast scan with dye.

He still has chestpain which they are giving him endone for.

I never wanted him to have this Vax. I’m just praying he will be okay.”

1 day ago

“Update still waiting reviewChest pain reducing in episodic occurrences.

Good.BP 150/80…..not great.

Having trouble urinating now and has to force it out 🤦‍♀️

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. After 11 hours of being here I’m going to have to wait till tomorrow as normally doctor has been by now.

Have no clue on results of echocardiogram as nobody will tell me anything and only doctor can.”


“My worst nightmare….there is something wrong with his heart.

It is not pumping properly. Cardiologist is reviewing him tomorrow.

He is now having a full Neurological review as well with scans….

And they still have to work out what is happening with his inability to urinate properly.”

From Matt who listened to Anastasia Palaszczuk say the vaccines were safe and effective and is now paralyzed down his right hand side.

“It has now been 10 weeks in hospital and I am still not able to walk. I was admitted 4 days after receiving my AZ vaccine previously being a 30 year old with no medical history to speak of, which left me with loss of function and sensation on my right side.

Thankfully I am slowly recovering but will still be here for a while yet. It has been a real challenge both financially and mentally and I am just grateful that I have had family and friends who have been trying to support me financially, emotionally and physically after not long getting my first mortgage when the options are so limited for people in this predicament as the ‘indemnity scheme’ is still only in the expression of interest phase. Unfortunately I’ve been left without pay and used my small amount of sick pay quickly.

It is my hope that these instances stop being classed as ‘anecdotal’ and support comes for those people like me who need it now.”

From Andrew

“I’d like to share what happened to me after getting the Astrazeneca vaccine on the 2/11/2021

Seeing what other people have went trough I feel that I’m a lucky one but am still experiencing symptoms .

This is from the post I wrote the night after receiving my vaccine and I use the term vaccine very loosely.

If winning lotto was as easy as getting a so called “rare” adverse reaction from these vaccines that are supposedly voluntary but if I don’t get it I can’t do my job therefore i can’t put food on the table or pay the rent/mortgage I’d be a millionaire.

And is incentive the new word for bribery especially with that $1m up for grabs if you get the jab, but don’t forget to read the fine print.

Now I have to go to a immunology sensitivity clinic. What are they going to tell me, try these other vaccines they are safe🥳

Might as well go to the crown and play Russian Roulette don’t you think.

It wasn’t a great experience shaking violently on those 3-4 occasions. You know the type of shaking you see on those conspiracy videos, while lying on a bed in the gp clinic waiting for the ambulance. That was me, I hope that’s not my new normal. Time will tell, I haven’t had any more since this morning💉

Such an awesome day, not quite a killer of a day but an eventful day nonetheless.

Hopefully that’s the end of it but I don’t like the cards I’m playing.

Least I’m home now and I fully back all the people holding their ground.

They are holding for a reason, I wanted to hold for more data not because I’m antivax as the media likes to portray anyone that wants to wait.

So there you go people you know my vaccine status and my reason for getting it.

I hope everyone that decides to jab doesn’t have this experience and gets it because they choose it not because they are coerced into getting it.

Have a great night.”

From Casey’s Mum in NZ

“This is just a small part of what my daughter Casey is going through caused by one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Four weeks of this now and getting worse, now with the bad episodes she also loses the ability to talk! She’s in constant pain always that’s excruciating when she’s having a bad episode that can last from half an hour or for many hours at a time!

The pressure in her head is unbearable and getting worse each episode, she’s struggling to walk on her own and when she has to walk over 100 metres it sets off an episode… as happened twice today getting her into her bloods appointment and doctors appointment, no wheelchair available! I wanted to film her today but not allowed to in the med labs.

She was sent home from the hospital with false information on her discharge papers and meds for anxiety and schizophrenia. She does not have either of these, what the hell are they thinking…. Please I continue to ask for ur prayers for my girl that we figure this out soon and that it stops getting worse each day! My heart is just breaking for my girl.”

From Candice

“This has been a hard story for me to write as I have always been pro-vaccination and will continue to be moving forward. I have my flu vaccination every year and have never experienced any adverse reactions from any other vaccines I have received throughout the years. I believe this vaccine is like no other and a review is required immediately to re-assess the health risks.

Prior to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, I was a very healthy/fit 38 year old female that ran and exercised 2-3 times per week and lived a healthy lifestyle. On the 28/8/2021, I had my 2nd Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. The day after the vaccine, I developed a headache, neck pain, swollen lymph nodes under my arms and flu like symptoms. On the 3rd day after the vaccine I woke through the night with heart palpitations and sweating. Throughout that day I went for a walk and experienced a very sharp pain across the upper and the left hand side of my chest. This lasted for approximately 20 minutes. That night I woke two times again with heart palpitations and sweating. I presented at the hospital the next day and they took blood tests. My bloods showed the Troponin enzyme that should be at ‘0’ as ‘2500’. This indicated damage to my heart.

After multiple tests it was determined through an MRI that I had developed Myopericarditis due to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I was discharged from hospital 4 days later with medication to reduce the inflammation around my heart and was told I would not be able to run or exercise for around 3-6 months and will be under the care of a cardiologist for this period.

I was admitted to hospital a further 3 times within a 3 week period after the initial visit with issues associated to tachycardia, shaking uncontrollably, dizziness and blurred vision. The day after my 4th admission to hospital (3 weeks from 1st admission), I developed neurological side effects consisting of muscle twitches, pins and needles all over my body, numbness and night jolts that felt like my brain and body were being electrocuted from the inside.

These side effects are at their worst at night which makes it near impossible to sleep. I was referred to a Professor of Neurology and he conducted an assessment and determined that the side effects are due to my body’s immune response to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I am currently being reviewed by my Neurologist on a weekly basis to determine the right treatment plan until the side effects hopefully dissipate. I have been prescribed multiple medications over the past weeks and are currently on prescribed medications that have been required to be increased each week due to the impact on my quality of life. These are also not without side effects”.

This is Roger

He also has Pityriasis Rubia Pilaris as a reaction.

Not pretty but very painful.

“I had my first AZ 10th May 2021 and thus skin condition diagnosed 1st June 2021…..terrified to have the second AZ August…..but as my immune system had collapsed….advised by doctors and my Dermatologist that if I didn’t have the second AZ and I caught COVID-19 I would possibly die…..had the second AZ 10 August and 2 nights later had bad reaction …..writhing in pain whilst soaking in the large spa bath…..4 days later I noticed a small pea size lump in my right groin….next morning it was the size of an egg… to doctors 3 hours later….( the swelling had enlarged to 8” long x 1” round)…..admitted to hospital 1 hour later…..blood tests….placed in glass room…..asked why am I in this glass room…..told this is the Covid-19 room……you don’t have any immunity…..anyway next 9 days spent in hospital on a drip of high antibiotics….every 6 hours….since being home the swelling has reduced 80%…….it’s not uncomfortable….but like a hard painless small sausage like thing…..doctors had never seen anything like it……one doctor said if it doesn’t go down we could remove it down the track…..think I’ll leave it as no pain or anything else……at this stage I’m staring to clear slowly snd come back to normal ( whatever that is 😂😂😂)

Soles of feet and palms of hands are very painful with tough skin.

Still I’m a survivor and compared with other people that have worst disabilities…. very fortunate.

Best wishes,


From Jas

“My Pfizer vaccine caused Gillian Barre and possible Neuroma (I have an MRI with dye soon)

Day 1, 2 and 3 Pfizer jab 1 vomiting, migraine, myalgia

Day 6 I stood up to go to the beach and get an ice cream and my legs collapsed underneath me. I ended up 6 days in Royal North Shore Neurology Ward.

I was sleeping on average 3hrs per night after my first shot.

Because they told me they didn’t think it was the vaccine, I went and got a second vaccine

The neurologist ignored my mention of the vaccine and said it was most likely a functional neurological disorder due to depression. I said it was definitely not depression, because I’ve had it in the past and know the signs and had felt very happy lately, sociable and organising zoom parties with my friends and going for daily walks. He said “we will let our psych team decide that”.

After one hour with the pysch team doctor there, he also confirmed I wasn’t depressed and doing quite well.

About 3 days before I left hospital the Myalgia started again, a mix of centralised, muscular and Nueropathic pain. Tingling, like I was being electrocuted with shocks through my arms and legs

Then all my symptoms got worse 1.5 hours roughly sleep per night, all my old injuries amd surgery sites were in intense pain, difficulty walking downstairs and in any elevated surface. The pain I had was intense, some nights unbearable. It’s now been about 3 months, am still recovering.

They believe that my central nervous system was already overactive due to a connective tissue disease I was born with and that the vaccine places too much pressure on my central nervous system, causing my immune system to attack parts of my body it wasn’t supposed to and cause inflammation”

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