MSM trying to normalise two conditions caused by the current medical experiment

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The latest news article in which they are trying to normalise these reactions and continue with the wording “rare”

Victorian teens’ rare condition after Covid jab

Dozens of Victorian teenagers have suffered heart problems after getting the Pfizer vaccine, with boys more likely to develop the rare condition.

Dozens of vaccinated Victorian teenagers have developed a rare heart condition after their first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine in the past two months.

Fifty-five teens aged between 12 and 19 years old who were assessed by the Victorian Specialist Immunisation Service (VicSIS) developed myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – since September 6.

Inflammation can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood and cause rapid or abnormal heart rhythms.

The group makes up just six per cent of those across all age groups who sought post-jab consultations with VicSIS following adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine since that date.

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  1. The news continues to vex.
    It is imperative to get rid of Andrews and his followers at the next election.
    Surely his actions have prompted the need for a change or repeal of some of the current acts.

    1. Yes Jack – Labs and Libs both tarred with the same brush — they both have to go.  Libs sat on their hands in virtual silence for around 20 months.  Never mind …. all the pollies have been consistently paid throughout this whole debacle.
      Re: Have been told there is now advertising about child related myocarditis on billboards and buses in UK to “normalise” in the minds of the populace.  I really hope that the population see through this propaganda.