Australia’s new $800M quarantine camp could be used to jail people like me

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The Victorian government has opened its $800 million quarantine camp at Mickleham in Melbourne’s north. The government is claiming it will be used to replace hotels and become Victoria’s only quarantine site from April. It says the first cohort of “unvaccinated international travellers” has been checked in.  

If there is one clear message from the behaviour of the Victorian government over the last two years, it is that nothing it says can be taken at face value. Either the quarantine camps are a waste of money or there is a darker motive.  

As someone who has spent 22 days in prison for my beliefs, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think this facility (camp/prison) could soon be filled with people like me. Australia is trying to broaden the definition of ‘terrorism’ to include what they call anti-vaxxers. Will people like me call this home soon? I hope not. 

The track record is extremely troubling. In some parts of Australia, especially the Northern Territory and Queensland, if the government determines from its heavy surveillance that someone has been in close contact with another who has tested positive for Covid, they can be forced into a quarantine camp. In Victoria, the police have been knocking on doors to tell people to isolate because they were near someone who tested positive. 

Refusal to comply can incur up to a $5,000 fine. Break the rules in these camps, such as going beyond the balcony area, can get you another $5,000 fine. Hayley Hodgson, who was incarcerated in a Northern Territory camp despite showing no symptoms, explains that the aim is to intimidate. “You feel like you are in prison, you feel like you have done something wrong. It’s inhumane what they are doing. You are so small.” 

There are the predictable blandishments from the Victorian government bureaucracy about the “the new hub [having] dedicated onsite services, including catering that is tailored to be delivered alongside strong infection control and prevention measures”. The truth is different. It is another step in the pattern of coercion that has been inflicted on the Victorian people. Robbing people of their natural rights has now become commonplace. All you need to do in return is provide suitable “onsite services” and functioning air conditioning. 

It is noticeable that premier Daniel Andrews and his cabinet are now shifting the pattern of their lies as they seek to muddy the waters over their crimes. At first, they lied about the pandemic, calling anyone who tested positive to the discredited PCR kits a “case” even when over four fifths had no symptoms at all. That made no sense. If you had no symptoms, either the test was false or your immune system had dealt with it. Either way, you were not a ‘case’. 


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