Our Prime Minister has no email address…

I wonder…did he get too many emails from people who were upset with him?

To reach him, you have to fill in a contact-us form on his website that has multiple fields that need filling in like address and phone number…

How do you feel about our PM being so difficult to reach?

This is what you’ll receive if you try his old email address…

Check out his website HERE

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  1. We’re being warned that this ‘delta’ variant is a FAR GREATER PROBLEM to us than the original SARS20 virus simply because it’s far more EASILY caught than was the original virus – but there’s never been any suggestions that this ‘delta’ varient is WORSE than the original SARS20 virus due to it’s being even MORE deadly.
    I have read that when a virus mutates; it GIVES UP some of it’s POTENCY.
    If this is TRUE – and this ‘delta’ varient is only able to cause head-colds and running noses (and if it is true that our authorities KNOW this to be TRUE ..it would mean that we have been allowing ourselves to be held under house arrest while constantly being oppressed by lying people who are behaving more like criminals doing the bidding of their criminal ‘handlers’ than our elected public servants (which is what they are).

    1. Thats the reality my friend , we have allowed these criminals to lie about the flu and renamed it a virus, their is no virus , its simply the flu , so we are allowing criminals to lock us up for the flu , essentially

  2. I called this number in late May and (after being redirected 4 times) was put through to his direct office staff. 
    They were very polite and said they’d pass my concerns on.
    If his email address isn’t working, give him a call instead!