Northern Rivers Flood Support

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We all need to unite as a community to help each other in this time of great need.

We want to buy much-needed food, water, blankets, clothes & equipment to help the Northern Rivers community to get through the next few weeks and then help rebuild their homes and community after the devastating floods.

We are organising a convoy from the Gold Coast to bring down the essentials for people to live, feed & clothe their families and rebuild their lives.

If people ban together and contribute to our fund, it will go a long way to help those who have lost so much.

My name is Justin Monaghan, but most of you will know me as Jester. I own a small business called Feather Tribe in the Mullumbimby area.

Myself, my partner Mariette and a team of amazing people are working together to achieve this goal, but we need your help!

Please dig deep and give as much as possible to help us through this tough time.

Thank you so much,
Justin Monaghan

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  1. Hi I have trusted that this Go fund me account has been verified by Reunite democracy as it has appeared on its site. I have given to it. I would hate to think that the money wasn’t directed accordingly.