NSW will extend SOE powers until March 2023 including masks, lockdowns and curfews

The controversial powers used to enforce mask mandates, lockdowns and curfews in NSW look set to be extended until 2023 after Cabinet approved a plan to lock them in for an additional 17 months.

The Perrottet Government will extend the use of COVID-19 emergency powers until March 2023 after the New South Wales Health Minister pushed the proposal through Cabinet on Monday.

Cabinet approved Brad Hazzard’s proposal on Monday night which has led to backlash from some Coalition MPs, according to The Australian.

Mr Hazzard’s proposal to extend the powers comes off the back of a recommendation from Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant.

Under the state of emergency powers, the Health Minister has jurisdiction to declare Public Health Orders including restriction of movement, mask mandates, curfews and lockdowns.

The Australian has reported the Health Minister took the proposal to a party room meeting on Tuesday where multiple MPs challenged the necessity for the powers to be extended until March 2023.

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  1. Pretty bad for NSW
    I pretty sure Melbourne is next
    Only ours will be set in stone and made legislation
    This bill ain’t getting stopped
    They might take the fines out
    Whoopi Doo
    And there’s other bills on there way
    People that live in Melbourne really need to look at the past 2 years and see whats been achieved by everyone who has tried to stop this madness and I can tell you it ain’t much, then look at what Dan Andrews has achieved and compare and than make a choice if this is the future that you want to be in coz there’s no other here in Victoria

    1. An article from the Atlantic about protests:

      If the loss of legitimacy is widespread and deep enough, the generals and police who are supposed to be enacting the violence can and do turn against the rulers (or, at least, they stop defending the unpopular ruler). Force and repression can keep things under control for a while, but it also makes such rule more brittle.

      Legitimacy, not repression, is the bedrock of resilient power. A society without legitimate governance will not function well; people can be coerced to comply, but it’s harder to coerce enthusiasm, competence, and creativity out of a discouraged, beaten-down people. Losing legitimacy is the most important threat to authorities, especially in democracies, because authorities can do only so much for so long to hold on to power under such conditions. Maybe they can stay in power longer in part through obstacles such as voter repression, gerrymandering, and increasing the power of unelected institutions, but the society they oversee will inevitably decline, and so will their grasp on power.


      Research has proven that PEACEFUL protests garner support from people who may not yet support you. If you have police firing rubber bullets into your face do not meet the police with violence. Be the victim. Non-supporters will see you as the victim and rail against the brutality of the police.

  2. There’s other battles in life besides this one
    Unfortunately this one didn’t turn out in the people’s favour and there’s nothing that can be done about it when it comes to the main things like the mandates the vaccines the bills which are only the affects and the covid lie itself which is the cause of theses affects
    These people have done there homework when it comes to all these issues and are miles ahead
    There’s another 2 pandemics on there way and most of us are still trying to wrap our heads around this one