My first interview in The Netherlands

Meet Nynke Koopmans from Friesland, Northern Holland.

Don’t be confused by her t-shirt 🙂 

She is a farmer and talks about what’s going on here on the ground.

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  1. When I first got wise to the Talmudic plan for World domination almost 20 years ago, it was very apparent that the predictions of Thomas Malthus and others were not having the desired effect on the ordinary people and were not evidenced in physical economic reality. Back then Holland had the the greatest population density of any European country but it was still a great exporter of foodstuffs surplus to domestic requirements.

    The Malthusian “population plague” popularised by the Masonic establishment is a nonsense intended to thwart the divine mandate to “fill the Earth and subdue it”. Without political, cultural, financial impediments the human is well equipped to “subdue” (use) the bounty provided by the Creator to fulfil the mission to “increase and multiply” etc.

    The only thing that gets against that is the Original Sin “perversion” that assumes “you piss off, Mr God! We’re running this show”.