Melbourne Woman Sets Herself On Fire Inside Car With Sign: “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”

This story is proof that we have hit our limits!!! This poor woman felt so unheard that she felt compelled to do something like this.

Our government has pushed us too far!!!


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  1. How heart breaking.  The psychological wearing down of people together with a sense of isolation from lockouts is unforgivable.  It highlights that it is incumbent on us all, to reach out to others.  We also felt so alone until we stumbled across RDA.  I have come across aussies on various social media saying they felt alone.  I let them know that at RDA, they are welcome, their voice is heard and that they matter — this is the tribe for them.  RDA is pivotal for our like minded community.  Kindness and caring costs nothing, yet lack of it costs so very much.

  2. The article mentions that 1 in 10 people in Victoria are taking their lives due to Dan Andrews mandates. If this is true, Dan Andrews is a monster! Dan Andrews is pure and simply evil to push Victorians to such a limit that where they do this to themselves!

    Remove this monster from political office now before more damage is done!

    the Premier was warned, that his mandates will push people to the brink of suicide, Dan Andrews does not care, he is a monster!

  3. Can it get any worse? Many of us keep asking ourselves this question and it does keep getting worse. Andrews is personally responsible for this and must be held to account. I took part in 3 protests and my only regret now is that the protests were TOO PEACEFUL. I am not calling for violence, but when the protests begin again in mass, and they will, it’s time to take it up a few notches and march directly and purposely at the Vic govt parliament and demand an appearance from Andrews on behalf of all those affected by his tyranny.

  4. I and so many people are totally traumatized by the lunatics in every state government and federal government of Australia ! This is a most serious human rights abuses by all governments and charges must be laid against these lunatics and I hope some strong politicians can take over parliament and jail these political criminals for their human rights abuses against our innocent populations! I am so sad and traumatized already and now that poor lady ! I could scream !! Somebody saeus from these political and medical terrorists please !!!!

  5. Too sad for words and unsettling in the extreme. How is this even able to be something that occurs in the “Lucky Country”, is it just because evil prevails when good people do nothing? If so, when will the time arrive for us to stand together? When will the people in a position to speak, speak up? When will the people in a position to act, act? All I know in my core is that this needs to stop. It needs to stop now…

  6. Just got that email update from your RDA spokesperson, I hope the victim of the fire is ok. But this was still a stupid event, especially considering that many fire fighters are being laid off due to these drug trail mandates. These mandates are pushing people to far, it’s against human nature to forcibly separate people, kick them out of their home state, and impose on their rights to grieve at an funeral. Obviously, mental health issues will occur when you tamper with the freedoms of people like that. Look at how North Korea Dictatorship threats the Korean people in those camps in North Korea. Australis should be setting an example, not threating their own citizens for refusal to submit to medical trails. I thought was different then those bastard dictatorships overseas! I expect better, revoke these mandates, the mental hardships that they are inflicting on us are a disgrace! Look after your own health, drink water, eat meat and veg, there is nothing wrong with Vitamin D supplements, keep yourself occupied and study a personal interest, yes, we all have the right to be angry, these are suspicious times. Direct your anger at something useful, something that builds your strength, such boxing, archery, martial arts, hiking or golf. Hit that golf club on the ground! let the groundskeeper worry about it, that is if that groundskeeper is still legally allowed to work. Never submit your body to an drug trial when the company who prodused the drug is not even liable, the ethical concerns regarding that are an issue. No government should have the power to force their people in to trials, that should never become normal. They tried this before back in the 1800’s and it did not go well for them, Vote these State Premiers out, they have crossed the line, they will not sabotage the Australian federation!

  7. as a humanitarian aid worker who has worked for the last 20 years in war zones this breaks my heart seeing my own country literally turn into a war zone in every facet. Rob Barton, Fiona Patton, Andy Meddick and Samantha Ratnam are nicely protected in distancing themselves from their actions through email and phones, however its important that we continue to hold them to account for decisions they have made which have been only in their best interest. I plan to physically go down to Rob Bartons office and share with him this information to remind him that his hands now have blood on them and at some point he will be held to account. When that day will come I don’t know, but it will eventually come, cause the one thing they can not control is change.

  8. Many Humans Can’t Believe or Learn With Words or Text, They Must See it or Experience It To Believe It. Life Is Sacred So Darkness Is Allow To Reveal Itself In Order To Be Judge, Expelled And Destroy. Many Will Die So The Vast majority Can Survive. Have Faith My Dear Monica, The Light of God Is Watching Us All And It Will Intervene At The Right Time. JCC.