COVID Diagnosis with PCR | Misinterpreting results | Cycle threshold explained

A video posted by Anthony Kuster – SEE HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE

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  1. It’s confusing how some doctors talk about these prc tests as if they can actually detect covid. The inventor of the pcr test said that you can detect anything by increasing the cycle threshold but that it wasn’t designed to test for any virus. Also no one has ever proved that covid exists because it hasn’t ever been isolated or purified in a laboratory. So here is this doctor saying the opposite. What do I think? I think either he is brainwashed or he being paid to say what he does and that is tell half truths which is why youtube allows him to be on air, and that – to confuse the people. I do not agree or accept his video as the truth.

  2. Hasn’t the WHO recommended that PCR testing cease by end of the year and more effective alternatives be used? Sounds as if they are agreeing with what the rational people have been saying for a longtime.