Perth Principal who stands against school jab mandates is being attacked by MSM

MSM continually writes hit pieces about people that stand for bodily autonomy, this cannot go on. Counteract all MSM propaganda by sharing the truth and supporting those they attack. Here is one; a Perth principal who is standing up for his school.

There is a huge propaganda piece made about him in The Daily Mail which you can read about the situation.

He is standing up against jabbing his students and says he will close down the school rather than get the jab.

Read the Daily Mail newspaper article about this. Send him an email (address below) and spread the word.

Newspaper article about the situation:

Stand with Adam Zydek – School principal! 

Let’s send our support to this brave principal

Contact the admissions office and they will pass on our support.


Phone:  (08) 9417 3267

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  1. Should’nt the below line read staff rather than students?

    “He is standing up against jabbing his students and says he will close down the school rather than get the jab”

  2. It is a sick Government when Governments, mainstream media, mainstream medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies can literally call the shots and invade / medically rape our bodies causing long term harm or death and the people are supposed to cop this F…ing Tyranny – all Australians must stand united and drive these criminal bastards out of politics for good – and then clean up the rest of the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Mainstream Media Thugs/Tyrants.

  3. What a MAN. I love to see people who have “well you know which part of the anatomy ” I am referring too!!
    Courage, conviction and integrity, love love love it!
    I understand the masses who follow the leader, people are so caught up in the tread mill of the lifestyles they buy into ,to have the time to sit back and reflect on what is really going on…After all ,one would rightly make the assumption that these people who are “running the show” know what they are doing.. really, they are educated, paid the big bucks ..surely .
    How liberating is the day, one wakes up to see their own value and rightful place in this world ,which does not include being dictated to by anyone. Demonstrating a free will to think and choose for ones self.

    This Principle is demonstrating enormous courage and conviction. I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t spoken to the man ,but I believe he would not discriminate against those that voluntarily chose to take the vaccine.

  4. Bravo and gratitude to this principal for his courageous stand!
    I am writing to the admissions office with my support.
    I am a school teacher in the state next door and have faced the covid mandate too. Had to make the hard decision. Lose the job I love. But it’s the right decision – for me.
    Won’t stop now.