Dr Peter McCullough – the next Djokovic?

It’s happening again… Australia previously embarrassed itself on the public stage when it called one of the greatest and most respected tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic, a ‘danger to public health’ for the heinous crime of – uh – refusing a vaccine now widely understood to be, you guessed it, dangerous.

The poor bloke was detained by the government like a criminal and then deported, needlessly upsetting Serbia and robbing the former World Number One of his right to defend the Australian Open Title. Hopefully he will exact some revenge in 2023.

Even SBS, not usually known for waving a pitch fork around in the name of liberty, warned that the Novak saga set a precedent for banning individuals if the government simply felt like doing it.

Australian Lawyers Alliance spokesman Greg Barns SC went on record describing these new powers as God-like where a minister could refuse visas to any high profile person for simply holding a contrary view that others may agree with.

The behaviour of both the Victorian state Labor government and the Liberal federal government, who called Novak a risk to civil order and public health, was not only petty….READ THE REST HERE

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