AEC Stats Shows ‘Put Majors Last’ Impacted Voting Behaviour

I know the election results were devastating for many of us. However the AEC say in this media release that there has never been so few primary votes for the major parties. ‘Put The Majors Last’ did make a difference after all… Will be interesting to see how the numbers pan out.

AEC Media Release:

The following notable quotations from the AEC Media Release (Updated 7 June)(

  • Over 240 million initial and secondary checks on House of Representatives vote preferences,
  • Initial manual counting of more than 15 million Senate ballot papers,
  • More than 61.6 million Senate preferences electronically captured so far,
  • More than 3.5 million verification checks to confirm declarations against the electoral roll, and
  • 135 three-candidate-preferred counts in required seats.

Moving Forward: Counting activities and timing:

  • A sizeable increase in postal votes for 2022 has resulted in the receipt of a comparatively larger quantity of declaration votes close to the deadline for receipt on Friday 3 June, pushing verification and counting activity back.
  • An increase in House of Representatives contests with significant vote totals beyond the two leading candidates (a wider spread of votes) has changed the nature of the count for a federal election.
  • It is anticipated that up to 75 seats – more than double compared to the previous federal election – may have to undergo a full distribution of preferences prior to achieving the mathematical certainty required for a formal, legal AEC declaration of the result.

AEC Official Twitter account:

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  1. Well, this is so damn encouraging! Not that I’d given up hope on getting rid of Andrews because of the initial Fed election results. Was shattered for all of 24 hrs, then more determined than ever.

  2. I think the Fed Elections was stolen just like USA but I was laughed  at when I hinted this happening in AUS as so many people don’t realise just because we are Island and isolated that other countries issues can happen here too, no distance of oceans or land will immune AUS from other countries problems!

    I not happy with ACE when they started censoring other Political Parties playing with in the rules ie: One National Videos I knew we were in trouble etc and putting out misinfo campaigns!  What more when Jill Biden started wish Ablo well for Parliament I knew we are heading the same path as USA!