QLD health and extreme border rules under fire…again after another disturbing incident.

New South Wales woman says she was forced to walk home across the border with broken bones after she was discharged from a Queensland hospital less than a day after a car crash.Phoebe, 20, was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital with broken ribs, a cracked sternum and internal bleeding after a head-on crash on October 14 near Tweed Heads.The young woman, who returned a negative COVID-19 test while in hospital, said less than 24 hours after being admitted, she was discharged from the hospital, put in a taxi, and taken to a 7-Eleven service station on the Queensland side of the border.

Listen to Ben Fordham discuss what happened with the young woman’s mother

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  1. That is unbelievable, what is happening to this country? It’s gone mad. Heads should role over this, beginning with sacking the premier.

  2. Pluckaduck doesn’t care – she clearly loves being a tyrant and now her pal the ex-Queensland Chief Health Officer has her bum planted as Governor General of Queensland – they know they are answerable to no one (the people can change that). They have ties with WHO and Bill Gates so the people are going to have to destroy her political career – she is a ‘ball tearer’ so Queenslanders and Australians have their work cut out for them just dealing with the Labor Tyrants in Victoria IneedatightjacketAndrews and Queensland’s Pluckaduck – but you the people of Queensland can remove allthe bloody tyrants from their positions if you all stand united in grief and sheer bloody fury at what these insane covid bastards have done to our lives, our country and our world.

  3. Very very sad story! I hope she’s recovering now.
    It’s amazing what governments have created by dividing society into “classes”. She was clearly seen as a “risk” as she was from NSW and must be covered in Covid… please! Even after giving her a test and coming back negative she was pretty much then kicked out to her “side of the fence” where all the lepers are. Pathetic!
    And that’ll be happening to regular people like us who choose to not have this jab. We’ll be seen as dirty human beings and be put in some corner where they won’t want to come near us.

  4. Matthew James
    18 November at 19:50 ·
    To all Queenslanders. As I have just read from my Uncle. Have just found out from local council that the QLD GOV is currently taking a survey from EVERY QLD council to see how many people are contacting their council to object to the mandate. They have NOT let the people know so the survey will show no objection. Contact everyone you know who objects and tell them to contact their council. Email each councilor. It takes 10mins. Now is the open door to act and get choice back in our country. Please take this seriously. We have been involved in the proceedings up here and it takes persistent fighting. Make your voice heard. The mandate in NOT law yet. Don’t let it get that far. This IS LEGAL and safe to do..