Written by Stephen Reason – www.facebook.com/stephen.reason.357

MANDATORY QR CODES FOR ALL BUSINESSES AND VENUES: Your Unique Entry Into A Dangerous Scam Lottery.

The primary reason for rejecting mandatory QR Codes is to protect yourself against what the government might do once they have access to your details.

Many a sniveling and submissive COVID Cult devotee has smugly pointed out that we are always tracked with our phones, so why the concern?

Indeed, we are always being arbitrarily tracked – however, this is different: it is tracking with a specific focus and a sinister agenda.

The real concern is the intent behind demanding mandatory submission of personal data directly to the government. This is a focused tracking operation with the intent to harvest and use the collected information against us. It makes possible the very real potential of being erroneously caught (traced) in another strategically triggered “outbreak,” and compelled by “contact tracers” to be tested and quarantined as part of a fictionalized “public health crisis.”

The “pandemic health experts” have already discussed a potential future strategy of ‘ring v8ccination: force v8ccinating everybody in a “ring” around the outbreak; and mass forced-v8ccination of an entire suburb for “outbreak hotspots.” Thus, the intent for overt medical tyranny and forced-v8ccination under the guise of containing a “public health crisis” already exists, and awaits in time… should we allow it.

Mandatory QR Code compliance is nervously entering into a virus lottery syndicate – and some of us are destined to be grand losers: unfortunate “winners” of the scam!

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