2023 – what will RDA look like?

Happy New Year, lovely people.

I have a few announcements to make about RDA.

We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride for over two years together.

With times changing, RDA has to as well. I explain it all in this video, OR if you’d prefer to read instead, just scroll past the video to read the same messages.

Many of us had never been to a protest or said no to authority.
We’ve lost friends and gained new ones.
We’ve been vilified, mocked, discriminated and locked out of society.
We’ve lost jobs, cut down our spending, started looking outside the box of what is considered normal.
We have found courage we didn’t even know we had.
We have created strong community groups and bonds that are unbreakable.
We have changed! We have opened our eyes and will never shut them again.

This all adds up to us being more responsible and accountable for our actions and words. We are leading the way towards freedom and away from tyranny. I hate to say it, but our lives will never be simple again. It’s like we’ve put on truth glasses, and we can never take them off. It’s empowering and overwhelming at the same time.

From the perspective of onlookers, we have achieved what we wanted…freedom…but we all know the battle is far from over.

So, what do we do now?

We strengthen ourselves!
We become better versions of ourselves so that we can help others and withstand anything that is thrown at us.
We take every opportunity to speak truth to anyone who will listen.
We stretch out olive branches wherever we can.
We prepare mentally and physically for what is coming next. 
We start looking inwards for strength rather than looking for a hero.

It is my firm belief that substantial change will not happen through elections, big protests or amazing campaigns. The issues we face are deeper than that. We need to change CULTURE and that is not easy. It took decades for them to beat critical thinking out of society, it might take us decades to get it back.

We cannot simply TELL people what to think or how to vote. We need to educate each other and our children to become critical thinkers again so that society will make better decisions.

Where does this leave RDA?

Our vision statement has been amended…

“A strong, free, and independent Australia”

To empower people by creating a collective voice through initiatives and campaigns. Connecting people to other like-minded individuals and groups so we can all prosper locally and nationally by supporting one another no matter what happens.

Our Mission remains the same…

“To empower and unite Australians in actively maintaining our individual and collective liberty”

I am very proud of what RDA and its’ staff have been able to achieve over the last two years. We were there for people when they needed us, we helped create dozens of community groups around the country who are now working independently of us. We did our best to spread hope, we worked tirelessly to make sure people didn’t feel alone. We campaigned as hard as we could. Some were successful, some weren’t. We learned a lot alongside all of you.

RDA, as an organisation, thrived when people were struggling. Now that people have established their groups and found their inner strength and conviction, we are no longer needed in the same capacity.

This is a GREAT THING!

We are not going anywhere, but we are minimising our expenses and resources so that we can stay operational. When/if things get hard again, we’ll ramp back up. We hope this never happens. We hope RDA is never needed in that capacity again because if we are than so is tyranny.

Things that are changing;

  1. We will no longer post as many opinion-pieces. We will largely post about resources we, and others, are offering to help connect and strengthen our movement. We will post breaking news topics if we can but it won’t always be consistent There are great channels who specialise in news reporting like ZEE MEDIA, REBEL NEWS, MCJ REPORT and others. RDA needs to focus on our strengths…connecting people and campaigning.
  2. RDA employed a full-time lawyer and a part-time paralegal who have been giving FREE legal advice for over a year. We couldn’t promote this widely because we couldn’t handle the enquiries. We have now opened a new legal firm called ‘Reignite Legal’ who will take on new cases at extremely reasonable prices (approx. 1/3 of normal legal costs). They will work independently of RDA. The official launch will be in January.
  3. RDA had 2.5 admin staff handling the emails and phone lines. We will cut that down to 1 staff member.
  4. We had a staff member who helped create and maintain the community groups. This is no longer a full-time job. Groups are primarily running on their own. We will continue to promote activities and events on the RDA events page that gets a lot of views. RDAconnect (which has had a facelift) will now be the best way for people to find a group or create their own groups. You can do this with NO administrative help whatsoever.
  5. I will continue to run campaigns and do video updates but will primarily be focusing on the publication of my book and continuing my legal battles. I am planning an Australia-wide tour in the first half of next year. I have written a course on how to find one’s purpose, this will be the focus of my tour.
  6. In terms of politics, we will not be heavily involved in any type of politics. I believe it’s time for everyday people to discern for themselves. We must encourage critical thinking.
  7. I have some big-picture ideas that I am brainstorming right now with experts and looking for investors to back. When it’s ready, you’ll know about it.
  8. I will continue to grow and improve the Global Walkout by networking as much as I can internationally. We are working on website development that could make www.reignitefreedom.com the go-to hub for all freedom lovers globally. We are setting this up so that when something needs a global reaction, we’ll be ready.  

You can still support us by;

  1. Signing up for the Business Directory
  2. Joining RDAconnect.
  3. Buying a piece of merchandise. These are all shipped from within Australia.

In conclusion, we aren’t going anywhere! We are adjusting to the needs of our community.

It’s not a negative thing…it’s a great sign that people are finding their grove and starting to think for themselves. We no longer need an influencer to tell us how to think or what to do…we can figure it out on our own! We can start looking inwards for solutions.

I’m so proud of the RDA staff, all the other organisations and influencers who helped people through difficult times, and every single one of you that supported us in any way.

We have created bonds that are unbreakable. When things get hard again, we are all still here for each other…no matter what!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Reignite Family.


Monica Smit

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