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If all politics is local, so must the fight against medical tyranny be conducted at the community level. RDA had 50 events across Australia in late January, with the feedback almost all positive.

As might be expected, the types of people who attended and the reactions were diverse. What was the same, though, was the great enthusiasm about being involved and bringing about urgently needed change.

Some venues had a more elderly demographic, whereas at Rowville in Melbourne there was mostly young people. At some places other political groups committed to the fight attended: Freedom Victoria and the Liberal Democrats. One venue had 15 people who endured pouring rain and storms.

At Carindale, Brisbane about 20 people attended, most of them new to RDA. They “chatted away while enjoying the food until well after 5:30,” said the organiser.

At Murwillumbah 10 new members signed up and there was a “great atmosphere and networking was full on,” recounts the local organiser. “We had three random people jump up and speak after [Monica’s] speech, which everyone loved. They asked would you do one every month at our picnic in the park info days?  The speech set the tone of the day. We are finding our niche in this community. Stronger together.”

In Sydney 20 new people arrived. “There was a great atmosphere and some really interesting people. We went to an overpass in the afternoon near the Sydney Harbour Bridge to wave the Canberra Convoy on and collected some more people interested in coming to our next meeting.”

At Ballarat the turnout was strong and there are over 300 members who will be meeting every Sunday from now on to formulate plans for the fight for democracy.

At Macksville some new local attendees turned up. “All participants are enthusiastic, motivated and supportive of each other; some told their stories,” said the organiser. “All stayed behind for personal chats after the general meeting. We discussed composing a notice for local businesses to hang in their windows about freedom of entry and trade etc. It was a very encouraging meeting.”

Noble Park had a mix of regulars and new members. “The team we have is very active and we are happy in what we do in all activities,” said the organiser, although she added that an attempt to attract some new members got a low response. The group has decided to conduct another event in two weeks.

This is just some of the feedback from events that went across the whole country. It shows just how much of a groundswell of support there is for restoring our democratic freedoms. Two years ago, most of us took them for granted. Now, we have to fight for them, and we need to do so one community and one committed person at a time.

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