RDA Interviews Christian Mac from National Education United

Monica from RDA interviews Christian Mac from National Education United regarding the 20,000+ members who have joined the brand new union to fight for Australian human rights and freedom.

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  1. I agree with you Christian, what more do we have to lose. Thank you for standing up in a manly fashion. I’ll be praying for the success of your endeavours.

  2. Good on you Christian. A lot of members in our Education Union are disgruntled at the silence of our Unions no stand, no support attitude. This is evident by their silence. As John Wilson pointed out, Sharon Burrows sold out the ACTU who now appears to have a cushy job with the George Soros Group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros
    Unions need to be standing for the Rights and Freedoms of its members.
    This is not about Black Vs White.
    It’s not about Christian Vs Muslim.
    It’s not about Right Vs Left
    Its not about Vaccinated VS Un-vaccinated.
    Its about out FREEDOM. (show me your papers)
    The Vaccine Passport has been designed by the Globalists to destroy humanity.
    If you have not had all of the jabs and coming boosters you will be classified as un-vaxinated.
    You will be not allowed to shop here of fly there. You will be isolated.

    This is a FIGHT (peaceful and lawful) we MUST have.
    Wake up SHEEPLE.

    Klaus Schwab said…By the time the Sheeple wake up, they will already be in the COLDROOM

  3. We need to support all our community that under the law that we have innate freedoms that must be protected at all costs. PEACEFULLY protest, withdraw your labour, peacefully strike and voice your concern about the tyranny that is being forced on us. UNITED WE STAND with those that #HOLD THE LINE

  4. Surely a conflict of interest – he should be sacked!! Health Minister Hunt’s family involvement in graphene and vaccines https://crazzfiles.com/health-minister-hunts-family-involvement-in-graphene-and-vaccines/
    How can this not be a conflict of interest? https://protectaustralianow.wordpress.com/2021/08/08/finding-nimmo/#:~:text=Her%20husband%20is%20respected%20microbiologist%20Graeme%20Nimmo%2C%20who,Pfizer%20and%20other%20drug%20companies%20Novartis%20and%20bioMerieux.
    About time these people were sacked and an investigation begun!!
    Sack chairman Andrews in Victoria – what has he been promised? Money? A place in the NWO?

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