RDA officially endorses Graham Hood as our collective voices

Graham Hood is the best spokesperson we’ve ever had. He’s rational, well-presented, has nothing to gain and has a heart of gold.

If you have anything negative to say about this Godly man, I will stand up for him every time!

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  1. I agree 100%.
    Listening to someone like Graham speak straight after you have listened to our political and medical leaders feels like diving into the cool ocean after you have been working really hard on a humid 45 degree day.
    The same applies to many of the doctors and scientists who have risked every thing to tell the truth……The Michael Yeadens,Geert Vanden Bosches, Peter Mc culloughs and many others.
    Like Graham ,they missed out on their programming and are extremley ethical,intelligent, aware people who have retained a beautiful child-like innocence.
    They are like the social and medical versions of the muscians that the incredibly aware child of the universe, Jimi Hendrix spoke about when he said …..”If a muscian is truly a messanger, he has to be like a child that hasn’t been handled by man and hasn’t got finger prints all over his brain. That’s why music can be more poweful than anything you’ve ever felt”
    Another quote from Jimi Hendrix which will come true for some of our politicians on Saturday was…..” When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will have peace in the world”.

    In extreme contrast we have our political and medical authorities. On the surface they should have every advantage……unlimited tax payer dollars,a heavily armed police backing, a corrupt manipulative main stream media, backing of a corrupt medical establishment and full self given license to lie ,scare ,bluff and manipulate……..but they will find that they will be unable to stand against someone like Graham because Graham has the united spirit of every decent Aussie behind him and in fact the united spirit of all the decent people of the world who are watching Australia and urging us on.

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