RDA WA Activator gives Moving Speech – “Stand Up”!

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As you may already know, RDA has over 100 community groups all over the country. Monica’s original bail conditions wanted her to delete EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Luckily, she refused to sign and the groups live to see another day 🙂

You can JOIN and existing group or MAKE your own here

These community groups are the most powerful and influential thing RDA has done. Who knows what positivity and change can come from a united group who look out for each other? Not only do they provide emotional support, they also encourage each other to get active in their communities to raise awareness and support local businesses.

Gill Dean is an Activator in WA and has been tirelessly growing his group and inspiring many. He has hosted information nights and educational forums. RDA wants to recognise Gil and thank him for his ongoing support and activities. The organisation would not be strong without people like Gil.

Monica meets with the activators every week on a zoom call to give them support and direction, however, the groups run autonomously and are able to choose what they do, or don’t do. RDA simply provides the resources and guidance to grow and maintain their groups. The community groups project is professionally run and has dedicated staff to support the activators and group members.

It’s impossible to quantify what these groups have and are achieving. The mental support they provide for people who are struggling is invaluable during these difficult times.

“Out of all the things RDA and I have done over the last 13 months, I am most proud of the community groups project. It gives me so much pleasure to see people empowered and active within their communities. It would not be possible without the outstanding work of the activators, and my staff, who work tirelessly and are passionate about fighting for our liberty. Words cannot explain how proud I am of every single person invovled in this project, from the activators to the group members, you all have a space in my heart and in the hearts of many Australians. Your contribution will go down in history and I am forever in your debt” Monica Smit.

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  1. This gentleman says stand up join a group near you ,I did, I tried and RDA joined UAP, which I don’t subscribe to ,does this mean that I am not welcome? I believe in standing for what you believe in, young and free line dismisses the First Nations People, a rich culture which has wisdom and the interests of ALL living entities at its core. But for the attempts to obliterate entire culture from existence. You and I are not responsible for this, however it is respectful to be mindful of one’s words.