RDAsocial has had a facelift :-)

You are getting this email because you are a member of RDAsocial, which has now been changed to RDAconnect.

We have made significant changes to the app and website, and we’d really appreciate it if you UPDATED YOUR PROFILE ready for the launch next week. All the info is in this email. If you have any issues with this process, please email us admin@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au

Why did we change it?

  1. The newsfeed function was not being used much.
  2. It was not engaging enough.
  3. Users weren’t getting much out of it.
  4. We wanted to make it BETTER.


What is different now?

  1. There is added functionality that will help us directly connect to each other without the need for groups or admins intervening.
  2. You can search for people based on location, relationship status, no. of children, hobbies, and so forth.
  3. Profiles now have more info on them, so you can get to know people before you connect with them.
  4. You can create your own groups and post events. We will then promote those events on your behalf.
  5. Each membership will come with 1x free business directory listing as well. That part hasn’t been done yet, but it’s coming.

How to update your profile.

  1. Login to RDAconnect (formally known as RDAsocial). You can do this on the app or website.
  2. Navigate to your ‘profile’ (person icon on the left-hand side panel)
  3. Then click ‘edit’. Add in any personalised info you want to. You don’t have to fill it all out if you don’t want to.
  4. By putting in a location (suburb or city, not street address!), people will be able to find each other locally and while traveling or moving.

How to update/add a group

  1. Find the group icon on the panel.
  2. Click on the group you already have.
  3. Click ‘Manage’ at the top.
  4. In the ‘details’ section, make sure to update the ‘description’ so people know what the mission of the group is.
  5. Then click ‘settings’ on the right-hand side, and scroll to the bottom. Where you see ‘group type’ choose whether is a ‘physical group’ or an ‘online group’.
  6. Then find ‘location’ along the right-hand side too. Update location IF it is a physical group.

If you know of a group in your area, or you already have one, consider creating a group so people can find you

New search functionality

Once enough people have updated their info, the search functionality will be very useful for finding people you want to connect with.

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