RDA’S new youth and teen groups

RDA’s new Youth and teen community groups. We’re trialing this out in Vic first, will come to other states straight after.

The pressure that the government has placed on our young people and teens has been devastating.

Lockdowns, isolation from friends, homeschooling, constant propaganda, bullying and coercion to conform to vaccinations is overwhelming. Some are doing this alone.

No one should have to go through these challenging times by themselves.

RDA is forming groups; ‘Youth Connect’(18-30) and ‘parents of teens’. We want to facilitate these age groups to connect with like-minded people, share information, support and organise some fun social activities.

Initially, the groups will be public and will later split into smaller private, local groups. 

Please pass the word on and let our teens and young people know they are not alone.

How will this work?

  1. We have created a ‘youth connect’ and ‘parents of teens’ public telegram group.



  1. Go join them to start the momentum. After we organise the physical catchups, more localised channels will start with only those in it who attended. These public groups might get deleted later.
  2. Within 2 weeks from now, we will schedule a date and time in FOUR locations around Victoria for both age groups.
  3. Go to your nearest location – keep in mind, teens must be accompanied by a parent.
    1. With the teen groups, a few of the parents will need to come forward as ‘Activators’ (leaders) to help coordinate future catchups and help to keep the teens connected. We will make sure there are existing RDA Activators there on the day to help you. 😊
    2. With Youth Connect, some of the youth will have to step forward to be ‘Activators’. We can’t wait to see the youth getting more active. 😊
  4. If you find yourself being an activator, just email active@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au after the event and we’ll get you started. Feel free to email questions to that address as well. 
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