RDA’s own ‘TRUTH TRUCK’…to spread the truth far and wide over and over

Thank you for all your generous donations that have enabled RDA to purchase our own truth truck. Thank you to the ‘Julian Assange group’ who helped us make this a reality.

Hiring trucks costed about $1,200/day. The was around $10,000 to purchase and fit out. We will change the messaging based on current situations and get it out on the road as much as possible.

To help us continue this type of expensive work, consider contributing (only if you can). Every little bit helps us make things like this happen. DONATE HERE.

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  1. Question.
    If Dan Andrews has been served these ‘ Papers” for criminal activity and has to attend court on charges, how is he even able to enter Parliament or continue with his illegal Bills

  2. Love the Truth Truck!
    Great idea. People who are not up with the times can be notified of ‘real’ events hassle free…better than TV!