VICTORIA-WIDE event – recap…

From the bottom of my heart to yours…thank you for showing up today Victoria!

We estimate around 2,000 people went to the 40 locations scattered around the state. It was SO successful, we’ll definitely do it again and we’ll roll it out nationwide…stay tuned for that.

ALL STATES – If you are interested in running your own group with our support, you can sign up to be an activator HERE. If you’re interested in being a volunteer within a group, you can also sign up on the same page.

Today was a good day…let’s keep the positive momentum and keep rolling with the punches 🙂



  1. Only had 7 people turn up some may have been put off by the police presence 10 police 5 police cars and 1 under cover cop all up ended getting 15 new members from Ballarat

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