A new law firm is in town – REIGNITE LEGAL

“A law firm motivated by morals, not money”

RDA is 1/3 partner of this new law firm. The principal lawyer, Gareth Rogers, has been working for RDA on minimum wages for 1.5 years. He has given FREE legal advice to hundreds of people in need. This is a service we provided by word of mouth only. We didn’t have the resources to handle an influx in customers.

With my own legal experiences over the last few years, I realised there is a hole in the market for truthful lawyers who are motivated by MORALS, not money. The law should be about right and wrong, not ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’.

You can watch the videos below or read more about the firm here – https://reignitelegal.com.au/

There is a short and long version of the video announcing the law firm 🙂

Short version

Long version

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