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The first video was a casual PRE-SHOW. The real program is from Monday 4th April to 8th April. They will become watchable as they are aired.

Day 2 – Hung Parliaments, Ballot Papers…and more…

Day 1 – Introduction

Airing 6th April at 8pm

Airing 7th April at 8pm

Airing 8th April at 8pm
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  1. It seems to me that we are in a desperate race against time.It comes down to will enough people awaken before the WEF has time to impliment their plans.

    At the moment we are hovering just below the critical mass necessary. The alternate press is the major player in awakening the masses ,and while they have always been under pressure,this pressure has stepped up worldwide recently.Both the puppets and the puppet masters are on the verge of panic.

    There is a large % of people who have seen how inefficient and dangerous the vaccines are,but the problem is they see this in isolation and not as a step in the overall plan. Surely the fact the vaccines are still being pushed when even Pfizers own documents show the extent of adverse reactions and deaths ,should show that the vaccines were never about health and those pushing them have ulterior motives.

    The basic formula to see beyond the vaccines to the bigger picture is quite simple ;

    ***The pandemic was brought in to enable the vaccines

    *** The vaccines were brought in to enable the vaccine passport

    *** The vaccine passport was brought in to enable full digital identity

    *** Full digital identity is necessary to bring in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

    *** CBDC ,controlled by a world government will turn us into slaves forever.

    The WEF, who have many members in Australian politics,buisness,finance and media don’t even try to hide this.Their leader ,Klauss Schwab,wrote a book “Covid 19; The Great Reset ” and openly talk about it on their website and youtube.

      1. If you go to “The Daily Expose , UK ” then search “Here are the names and faces of WEF’s Young Global Leaders in Australia and New Zealand”

        These are junior members. There are 7 levels.

        The thing about WEF is that they are just a group of wealthy corporations and individuals. They have no official standing or power no matter what they proclaim. They are there to take advantage of the comming financial system crash that their own greed caused.

        People talk about how much money has been lost from economy over the pandemic. This isn’t really true … it was’nt lost ,it simply changed hands from us to the companies in the WEF.

  2. I recall what my father said to me many years ago. He said “The people of this country get the government they voted for. Yet, this preferential voting system seems to favour a two party system. Son you must realise that the ‘how to vote cards’ are endeavouring to influence your final decision. So when you come to vote, think for yourself, think before you cast your vote!” End Quote. This system of government we have in this country of ours has been corrupted by power brokers and lobbyists that have tried to overpower the preferential voting system. This ‘system’ was initiated by people in the past government that wanted a fair and just form of government. That is a government that is put in a position of steering the country in a straight and true direction, based upon the ideals and moral stature of the people. That is not to say they’re are those in society who want their way of living imposed over the majority. Minorities exist, yet it the “silent majority” that want a government that treats us fairly. A government that is autonomous and does not cower to the United Nations and their cronies who want control of our World as a whole entity.Therefore, after considering what options that are available to me, I have decided to take a stand. That is dear people of our land, I have decided to think first, no longer assuming nothing can be done, take a stand for a truely unbiased government no longer ruled by Party Politics.

  3. This is the most informative programme on how to vote and more importantly, how to make your vote count, that I’ve ever been a party to since becoming an Australian citizen in 2001. I thought that I knew how to vote – boy oh boy, was I wrong!
    Thank you Monica and everyone else for your dedication, commitment and infinite time.
    Having lost my job because of the vaccine mandates in Tasmania, the importance on how to make the three main parties accountable for their actions and to make change has never been as crucial as it is now. As Monica says, let the last 2 years never happen again!

  4. I watched the 4th Presentation tonight Thursday 7th of April 2022. Considering your technical problems, you did an excellent job. I have enrolled as a volunteer ‘foot soldier’ and look forward to the next few weeks ahead of training and out in the public promotion and presenting our case for change. I have put forward my application to join Logan City Group (Forde), and I have noticed there is no Support Group in Wynnum QLD (Bonner). I have suggested a group start there as well, as I reside in both those areas week to week. Maybe some like minded people in Wynnum would like to meet regularly as well….or at least that’s the plan. Let’s keep up the fight and the great work, and may peace be with you all, always, Stephen (Kew).