Response from John Skerritt (head of TGA)

Here’s his response. He has made it very clear that he welcomes a submission for the alternatives…let’s find a team of doctors and scientists to do that! Stay tuned.
If you want to get involved in this campaign, check it out here –

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  1. I cannot put you on to any doctors or lawyers, but here are a few resources that are very well documented and which Dr. Skerritt may not be aware of.
    (Zelenko was the first doctor to break the information about the efficacy of HCQ & Zinc, etc, protocols. Note: at this link you can also find downloadable and online versions of the Zelenko protocols in various languages, protocols for both treatment and also for use as a prophylaxis (preventative). (It also includes over-the-counter alternatives when HCQ is not available.)
    This website forms “a database of 292 studies, 219 peer reviewed, 242 comparing treatment and control groups. Submit updates/corrections below. HCQ is not effective when used very late with high dosages over a long period (RECOVERY/SOLIDARITY), effectiveness improves with earlier usage and improved dosing. Early treatment consistently shows positive effects. Negative evaluations typically ignore treatment time, often focusing on a subset of late stage studies. In Vitro evidence made some believe that therapeutic levels would not be attained, however that was incorrect, e.g. see [Ruiz].”

    Each study is linked, with direct access to the publications of the studies, including detailed description of the study (at the website), a direct link to the source (actual publication of the study) and a downloadable PDF of the actual study.

    I don’t know who the developer is, but its been around for at least 8 months, and its being augmented all the time. It’s an ASTONISHING source of HCQ related information and data that essentially PROVES the efficacy of HCQ in early and mid-term treatment of C19 patients.

    For any doctors or lawyers preparing a presentation, this is an absolute must resource, even if i say so my layman self.

    Just ONE of the interesting data collection presented in image form is what countries around the world are actually USING HCQ for C19 treatment (or as a prophylaxis). Note, these countries tend to have FAR LESS C19 mortality rates than the USA, for example.

    Cannot paste this here, so please view the image in the link:

  2. I think it’s worth noting, he stipulates that an application must be for a specific manufactured product, and lists those companies in Australia that ‘sponsor’ HCQ for other applications. Do you think ANY of these companies have a financial incentive for actually getting HCQ accepted and available? I don’t.
    Do you think that if they did, they would not be pressured from ALL quarters of the Vax industry to NOT promote it? I do. Most of them will be either owned by the same people / corps running the $$$ billion vax productions, or under their influence and control.

    I’m not optimistic about this avenue producing any serious results for changing Dr. Skerritt’s organizations current stance, but that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be pushed. It should. Pressure everywhere helps, I think.