Legal event CANCELED by venue

This event is canceled

I can hardly believe that we are still being punished for our opinions…three years after lockdowns started. To be honest, my patience for this type of treatment is wearing very thin.

‘Reignite Legal’ and RDA are two separate entities with separate ABNs and directors. It is a legal firm, not a political organisation and anyone is allowed to promote an event. This is absolutely ridiculous.

We are quite certain it was trolls who called the venue and intimidated them. We are not discouraged by this…it only hardens our resolve to keep going because if we don’t, Australia’s democracy will disappear for a long time. Every time a hurdle is put in our way, it teaches us new lessons and makes us stronger. We see this as a sign from God that our legal plans need to be put on ice a little longer.

Remember…if you aren’t being attacked, we’re probably not doing a good job 🙂

This is the email we recieved.

I write to you with regard to your event inquiry (yet to confirm) for Reignite Legal at the Brisbane German Club proposed for the 11th May 2023.

In learning today that this event is being promoted on social media as a REIGNITE Democracy Australia  “briefing”,  I now advise you and your organization that this politically aligned agenda stated is contrary to our Club and Memberships raison d’être in promoting German Culture, Cuisine and tradition which has , for the past 140 years, been void of perceived or actual political motivated agenda or intent. 

We therefore advise you that we will not permit your event to proceed at the Brisbane German Club and wish you and your organization all the best in staging your event at another venue.

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