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Click on the below picture to watch this 17-minute mind-blowing video.

Thank you to Ryan Cole MD for this valuable info.

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  1. So here’s the thing…

    If/when the Covid jab shuts down an immune system (think along the lines of the whole Antibody dependent side of things), this means people, the next time they are sick, will have a higher likelihood of death or hospitalisation.

    But the narrative pushers must assert that the ‘vaccine’ works and so the story goes the only reason why the jabbed are ending up in hospital is because of a ‘variant’ which bypasses the otherwise super effective ‘vaccines’.

    So here’s the question though. What explanation would be given in a community (I’m thinking Australia but very specifically Western Australia) where there are no cases? People who get jabbed end up sick and in hospital but there is no variant to blame on the anti-vaxxers…

    The scenario does not compute for the narrative.

    Therefore, once the people start getting sick and dying (let’s think NSW at the moment), a story must break that there has been an outbreak to explain away the hospitalisations and deaths.

    With this in mind… Western Australia will be forced to undergo a narrative of a major, uncontrollable outbreak when the time comes, despite “the great job Mark McGowan has managed to do” so far.

    Am I ahead of the curve again?