CALL TO ACTION – Alfred hospital denies mother-of-two heart surgery due to vax status.

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If you’re not up to speed on this story, watch my video and Read more about her plight here

Her name is Vicki Derderian

I spoke to Vicki myself yesterday and words cannot explain how devastating this is. Doctors are trying to force her to get a procedure (COVID vaccine) that has known cardiac side effects, in order to get a heart transplant. She has a legitimate vaccine exemption which they are choosing to deny.

They have put her into the same category as drug abusers and alcoholics who are deemed unworthy of a heart transplant. Aside from this discriminatory requirement, she is fully eligible to be on the list. They said her choice to not get the vaccine is a ‘lifestyle choice’ which deems her unworthy.

Today it’s Vicki, tomorrow it will be you or someone you love. We must do whatever we can to raise awareness for Vicki and her plight for life!

Here’s an audio recording of my voice message to them.

Follow this list and do as much of it as you can. Vicki and her family thank you!

  1. Email
  2. Phone
    • Complaints department – (03) 9076 8001
    • VAD and heart transplant unit – (03) 9076 3263You’ll get a human answering this line and can make your complaint but they will tell you to send an email
    • (03) 9076 3258 – You’ll get a voicemail box, leave a message
  3. Fill out a complaint formHERE
  4. Social Media, use hashtag #SaveVicki
  5. If you have time, pay them a physical visit – 55 Commercial Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004
  6. Or send them a letter;
    The Alfred 
    PO Box 315
    Prahran VIC 3181
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  1. Who in their right humanitarian compassionate mind would deny this lady the right to live.
    The jab should not be a prerequisite for surgery of any kind.
    We all need to get behind her with all the support we can offer.
    These hospitals are owned by the people, staff are paid by the people.
    Waken up Australia, this could be you or a loved one next.

  2. It is almost certain that the Jab compromises immunity. It is logical to jab the lady once in the postsurgery condition the immune system needs to be rather amplified than reduced?
    I do not think so

  3. There is so much more to this.
    PH One nation Senator ,Malcolm Roberts asked in the Senate committee, if Doctors were being bullied into submitting to vax dogma.
    Of course he never received an answer.
    But here is a link which opens a lot of hidden secrets regarding the Use of fentanyl and the organ transplant industry.
    Any doctor who has seen the information that says these vaxes are not approved for use,but the pharma companies are hiding behind a legal indemnity ,as is the vax they making , are in need of a lot of education before they force their personal biases on the public,especially the weak and Vulnerable.

  4. I emailed 2GB radio over the weekend and on Monday 21-2-2023 using their feedback form asking for their help for Vicki DeRderian Mother-of-two. I also attached a flyer I made directing them to the RDA website for more information.

    Here is the exact email I sent to 2gb radio announcers: Ben Fordham, Ray Hadley, Michael Mclaren, Luke Grant, Station management and Newsroom.
    I sent it 5 times to each one of them.
    I also sent emails to 2GBs sister station 3AW.
    The only response I got was the usual automated email telling me they had received my emails.
    Here the email I sent to 2gb:
    Hi Ray,
    There is a very urgent matter that needs 2GBs attention immediately. It is a matter of LIFE OR DEATH.
    Please help bring attention to this and do what you can to expose the inhumanity perpetrated against this poor women.
    It is not only unethical to deny a life saving medical procedure to someone – it is criminal.
    Alfred Hospital Denies Vicki Dederian Mother-of-two Heart Surgery due to her Vax Status.
    Words cannot explain how devastating this is. Doctors are trying to force her to get a procedure (COVID vaccine) that causes devastating irreparable damage to the heart ie. myocarditis and pericarditis, in order to get a heart transplant.
    She has a legitimate vaccine exemption which the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Dr Nick Coatsworth and The Alfred Hospital are choosing to deny.
    Please see attached document for further details.