Scomo using the “Freedom” flag on the eve of an election

There were some fine words from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, this week when he spoke in Melbourne to a Victorian Chamber of Commerce event attended mainly by small business owners. Apparently there are still some left in that long-suffering city, home to the longest-lasting lockdowns in the world and easily the most draconian Covid restrictions in the Western world. After some typically Morrisonian ‘how good is Australia’ blather about getting your hair cut or meeting friends at the pub, he finally got to the point. ‘The taste of freedom,’ he announced; a sentence without a verb as if it were the title of a new book or movie. ‘It must never be taken from us again. That is why I put the national plan together. A plan based on the best possible medical science and economics to ensure we open safely and stay safely open. Australians have kept their side of this deal by getting vaccinated. Governments must now keep theirs and return to Australians their freedoms.’

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  1. Freedom?, from the worst PM in my long memory who is responsible for the huge loss of freedom in Australia.
    He will never get my vote, not ever again, nor the Liberal Party. I will give UAP a go.

    1. Methinks BOTH big parties are in for a shock as they WILL come crashing down.  Craig Kelly stands up for citizens rights, has integrity and commits to maintaining our freedom.  Kudos to him and his party.  Long may he walk in light and love.

  2. With you guys. I’m UAP too. Figure we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Yep, no more Lib/Lab duopoly.  They all piss in the same pot.

  3. The shit that comes out of Scomos mouth continually proves that he holds a position that is way above his level of intelligence and competence and he is way overpaid.

  4. Under Scomo’s watch, many, many Australians are living in hellish conditions. Even those doing ok are feeling the weight of oppression like a noxious fume permeating our waking hours.
    I am so impressed with Clive Palmer and if Craig Kelly thinks he’s got the right stuff, that’s good enough for me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the UAP in power!! Praying for a miracle.

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