Segregation pushed back by 11 days in QLD due to science OR politics?

Rules banning unvaccinated Queenslanders from pubs, cafes and hospitals have effectively been pushed back by 11 days after an apparent state government backflip.

The vaccine mandate announced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk earlier this month set out a range of freedoms to be enjoyed by double-dosed residents from December 17 or whenever the state hit 80 per cent full vaccination rate.

Conversely, the rules also mean unvaccinated residents will find themselves unable to enter a range of venues.

However, the state government seems to have changed its mind on when these bans will come into play.

Ms Palaszczuk had previously indicated the rules would come in sooner if an 80 per cent full vaccination rate was reached earlier than expected – in line with any earlier reopening of borders.

But on Tuesday the government confirmed a December 17 start date for the vaccine mandate was now set in stone, irrespective of vaccination rates.

“This provides important certainty so businesses and staff can plan accordingly,” Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe told The Courier Mail.

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  1. This hasn’t changed at all. It was always December 17 when our freedoms where being stripped away here. Despite having ZERO cases in the state, I love being told I can’t go into a cafe on December 18 because of Palachook’s choice. 🙄🙄

    1. I pray some lawyers and barristers are looking into charges being laid against all the heads of government under the Nuremberg principles.

      The Nuremberg trials established that all of humanity would be guarded by an international legal shield and that even a head of state would be held criminally responsible and punished for aggression and crimes against humanity.