Monica Interviews Senator Gerard Rennick

We are so honoured to interview Gerard.

He is a voice for the people!
He is asking the questions we can’t ask because no one is listening.

Contact Gerard if you have a vaccine adverse reaction story…he is trying to help

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  1. This guy is about the most sensible politician I’ve ever heard. Fingers crossed he means what he says.
    (As an aside that’s a terrific interview Monica – stay quiet and let the guest talk.)

  2. Senator Gerard Rennick where has your voice been the past 18months while citizens of Australia have been treated like citizens of their respective states, with no over arching governance?! I no longer feel like an Australian citizen! Even Gladys said she will “look after the safety of all NEW SOUTH WALES CITIZENS”!!
    You speak that premiers have over stretched the mark on boarder closures and this should only be apparent under an “Ebola” type virus. Interesting you should mention this, as this is EXACTLY what SC KIRK mentioned in our Supreme Court hearing against Brad Hazzard.. coincidence?
    Dolores Cahill mentioned in an interview (a great woman fighting the good fight!!) that the next virus will be … a weaker strain of EBOLA .. !!

    Thank you also for mentioning that One Nation casts a vote towards the coalition over 50% of the time, I’ll never vote One nation again!!

    I feel you’re just another part of the system and a snake in the grass!! Beware people of Australia.. if this guy was for real, he’d have made a hard line song dance long ago..