SIGN THE PETITION – Abolish all COVID fines NOW!!!

Alright I’m back folks. I cleared my head yesterday and can see clearly that this is a chance for us to get some justice.

NEWS.COM – Australia’s huge Covid lies finally exposed

There is now undeniable proof that the lockdown measures were political and over-the-top.

Why are people still going through court to fight COVID fines?

We demand that ALL COVID-related fines in Australia be abolished immediately.

We also demand refunds for those who have already paid their COVID fines.

This will be the first step to start mending the relationship between the police, the justice system, and everyday Aussies.


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  1. Every Australian should be screaming for Heads to Roll over this vile and unlawful hijacking and destructive violations of all our Democratic Freedoms Rights and Choices.

    McGowan – Western Australia Premier’s Emergency Bill – Totalitarian Regime ! An Outrage !

    TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration

    Is it true? Were COVID-19 vaccines rushed through approvals or given emergency use authorisations in Australia?

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisionally approved these vaccines after a complete assessment of all the available data (comment > NOT TRUE AS NO DATA WAS AVAILABLE !)

    The TGA does not have an “Emergency Use Authorisation” pathway for COVID-19 vaccines.

    9 August, 2022

    TGA COVID 19 Vaccine PRODUCT INFORMATION – First Approval 16 February, 2021 – Date of Revision 8 April, 2021 – NO DATA AVAILABLE FOR SAFETY & EFFICACY ! No data available on anything !

    Also in Vaccines Graphene Hydroxide/Graphene Oxide >

    GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS EXPLAINED – Let’s clear the air and get a more accurate picture :-
    Richard Lindzen, Atmospheric Physicist, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT. for Prager University.
    CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas WITHOUT WHICH LIFE ON EARTH IS NOT POSSIBLE (continue reading on Link).
    Transcript of Prager U’s video: What do Climate Scientists say ?

    See the work of Rosalind Peterson Former USDA Farm Service Agency Agricultural Crop Loss Adjuster – Geo Engineering

    Watch “Press Conference after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to answer in front of European Parliament > INJECTION/VACCINE DOES NOT STOP TRANSMISSION


    Is Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum the most Dangerous Man in the World

    Digital Identity Globalist Agenda Destructive Scam

    Smart Cities | China
    The New China: The World’s First Example of a Medical Tyrannical Totalitarian State in 2022
    In this video we see China’s Zero COVID-1984 policy in what is being reports in many of their major cities that are ‘Smart Cities’, which includes long lines of thousands of people lining up each day to be tested for COVID-1984 before going to work or shopping so that their QR code, which must be carried at all times MUST show green, what happens when it turns red, the massive amounts of quarantine camps that are currently being built, how drones are being used to threaten people to stay locked up, how Chinese children are being raised in this society, and the insane amount of cameras that are being installed everywhere to induce fear and force compliance.
    China is being used as the model for the coming beast system.
    Join us:

    Professor of Law Mr Augusto Zimmerman warns Government Covid Measures are unlawful, this includes Vaccine Passports.

    The real reason Vaccine Mandates are wrong

    PROHIBITED – New Ruling by Fair Work Commission

    Law Firm releases Bombshell Legal Opinion on alleged Illegal Control of Doctors Conduct – Senator Malcolm Roberts

    Covid Inquiry 2 – Senator Malcolm Roberts

    More >

    Concerned Lawyers Network

    “GRAVE breaches” include: Giving medical treatment/interventions/procedures without obtaining freely given informed consent. BE WARNED! Anna de Buisseret U.K. Lawyer