Over 10,000 freedom-snitches among us…

This is a sad day for Australia.

I’m mostly a very hopeful person but today I’m sad to see fellow Australians buying into the corruption of our fear-mongering so-called leaders.

This day will be remembered in History as the day trolls became the corrupt government’s private police. They might feel special today…but one day Karma will have its way with them.

The irony is that we are fighting for THEIR freedoms and the freedoms of THEIR children and grandchildren.

Another irony is that when they’re sick from their 5th booster shot of the vaccine, guess who they’ll turn to? US! Guess what we’ll do? We’ll help them because that’s the kind of people we are.

Today’s lying media brands us as selfish, uneducated and brainwashed. They’re using OUR arguments against us, but only one of us can be right 🙂

NSW Police received “10,000 Crime Stopper reports” over Sydney’s anti-lockdown protest

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