Spectacularly hypocritical, accusing those who oppose them of violence

Claims that anti-government protesters could turn violent are a sinister trick to cover up the fact that the Victorian government has committed sustained acts of violence against its own people. Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) urges all people who are objecting to the vaccine mandates or the pandemic legislation to do so peacefully – because it is the right way to conduct political action and it will deprive the government of one of its propaganda tools.

Monica Smit says:

There are many types of acts of violence that have been committed against ordinary citizens. The ‘no jab, no job’ mandate is the very definition of economic violence. Forcing people to choose between their health and their livelihoods fits exactly the “civil conscription” that is banned in the Constitution. Yet they have gone ahead with it anyway, ignoring our most important legal document.

The jabs are themselves an act of violence. The so-called vaccines are not normal vaccines according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s own website. They are an untried gene therapy. That means that people are unwittingly involved in a phase three drug trial for a genetic manipulation that has never been used before. Have they been told? No. Many people, when you tell them, think you are mad. Yet it is the truth.

In law, any invasive medical intervention without valid consent is defined as a bodily injury or battery. Almost nobody who has been jabbed knows that is what is happening to them. That is large scale violence. No wonder the government is trying to cover up what it is doing by accusing its critics of being potentially violent. Given the level of cynicism, it would not even surprise if they staged fake violent attacks to hide their illegality.

The list goes on. The lockdowns were a form of violence. The word ‘lockdown’ itself is used in the prison environment. That is what the government did: turn the citizens into prisoners by depriving us of the right of movement.

Banning religious services was an act of anti-religious violence. The brutal attacks by the police on often vulnerable people for not following the mask mandates, or for having the temerity to protest and exercise their right of free speech, were extremely violent and have permanently damaged the image of the police in the eyes of many Australians. They are now just seen by many as thugs.

I was subject to violence when I was sent to jail for having political opinions. I was then told I could get out as long as I did not continue with my political party and political opinions, which I refused to do. That is exactly the kind of state-sponsored violence Australians have objected to in other dictatorships when they have made dissidents political prisoners. It is time for Australians to object to it in their own country as it is happening right under their noses.

I cannot say strongly enough that the way to oppose government violence is with non-violence. Not only is that the only moral course to take, but it is also crucial not to give the government any excuse to get even worse. 

People who do make threats of violence not only do not help our cause, the suspicion is that they are actually cooperating with the government. Having ‘plants’ is a trick used often in totalitarian systems as a pretext for violent crackdowns. Sadly, it is clear that we now live in a dictatorship.

The government has inflicted violence against the very foundations of our democracy. The premier, Daniel Andrews wants to put himself above the parliament, which is an act of violence against the Legislature. Health officers, who are in the Executive, have become the de facto government, issuing orders with severe and disproportionate punishments, cynically directed at businesses. Yet the Executive is only supposed to execute and changing its role is an attack on the separation of powers. 

There has also been a violent attack against independent rule of law and our Federal system of government. There are two pieces of Federal Legislation: the Privacy Act (1988) and the Bio-security Act (2015) which make the policy of lockdowns and vaccine mandates (which require businesses to have private health information) illegal. 

That law has failed, however, because the Andrews government found a sinister workaround, now Andrews wants to make it permanent, putting himself above the law.

All of this is violence, pure and simple. 

So do not respond in kind. To recover our democracy we have to do the exact opposite. Use peaceful argument, objections, evidence and persuasion to bring the Australian people along with us.

It is the only way.

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  1. But, as long as we play by the rules, this evil swamp imposes on us, we will not win. Here is a long(ish) report on those who are behind Andrews, (translated from German).

    But not only Granny Killer Andrews, our Federal Health Minister is a Graduate of Klaus Schwab’s School of “young leaders”. As are many like, Bill Gates, Besos, Merkel, Ardern, Trudeau, Macron, Sarkozy, etc. Have a look:


  2. Whilst I agree in principle with Monica, there comes a time when words alone will no longer be sufficient as history has taught us!
    Switzerland, my country of origin, would not exist if action well beyond words was not taken to obtain freedom from the tyranny!

  3. I agree with you, and don’t condone violence, however we are dealing with a psychopath and things will get probably ugly, especially if this bill gets passed.

    1. Further to what I wrote, I get what you are saying. I don’t like some of the things that I saw on the news that happened at the protest last night. That’s asking for trouble and giving the government ammunition against the protesters. Most of protesters are coming from good intentions and some are clearly not thinking about the consequences of their actions through. People can only take so much though and what will it trigger?

  4. Violence is utterly foolish – like drinking poison and expecting the person you are abusing to die.  
    I felt so ashamed to hear from someone that a woman with bible verbally abused the police last Saturday; how rude! Loonies and possibly paid disruptors will show up — I give them a WIDE berth and do not entertain them with any conversation.  Agreeing with Monica here, PEACEFUL PROTEST IS THE WAY TO GO!  Mahatma Ghandi drove the British Empire OUT OF INDIA with peaceful protest. 

    Focus on facts.  Lift your game with sharp vocabulary.  Words are mightier than the sword.

  5. Well done to our fellow Australians in Victoria!!!! We can do this!!!! Remember 1989? Remember Czechoslovakia? 8 days after the Berlin Wall came down, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia overturned the communist totalitarian government by non – violent means. We must be united and prepared to do the same to save our country!
    Before the government here succeeds in sneaking in their version of a totalitarian government. They have already started, but we can stop it together.

  6. I agree, violence will just give the government justification and will frighten those who believe the government and MSM. We need to unite against tyranny and not act in ways that perpetuate and reinforce it . I believe Andrews removing greater access to people who choose not to be vaccinated is a strategy to incite massive kick back to slow our progress – we must not let his tactics take us off track. We need to stand in strength and non-violent action or we perpetuate what we don’t want. And I know tens of thousands of us will keep doing what we need to do if we stand together in strength AND peace.