All I want to say is…LEAVE US ALONE! If someone doesn’t want the vaccines, leave them alone!

This assignment has 45% weighting, which I think means on their overall score.

What if a student disagrees with pretending to coerce and manipulate people? Maybe they know it’s ILLEGAL and WRONG. What would a student do then?

You can read the assignment below and send them some feedback if you want. I did!

I just came across this; “PSY30014: Applied Social Psychology Assignment 2B: Project report”
You do realise bodily autonomy is a human right? And that coercion is illegal?
If someone hasn’t been vaccinated yet, it’s because THEY DON’T WANT TO…LEAVE THEM ALONE!
Why are you forcing students to do an assignment that teaches them HOW TO COERCE AND MANIPULATE PEOPLE?
Why are you brainwashing students to sell products for the pharmaceutical industry?  
Is this really a ‘sales 101’ class? Or a…’how to force things onto people class’?
Shame on you. When your children grow up in a world with ZERO choice and FREEDOM, it will be the fault of universities like this.
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  1. Not only is it morally wrong, but they should not use Swinburne as the university in the case study – it should be a hypothetical university otherwise it is not clear where the official university policy ends and the hypothetical begins. No official statements from the university support this claim:

    ” Swinburne University has taken the position to support COVID-19 vaccination and is therefore willing to invest in developing interventions to encourage staff and students to get vaccinated when they are able.”

    Swinburne’s official line is that ‘they strongly encourage all staff, students, contractors and visitors to remain up to date with their vaccines’ and that ‘evidence is not required of vaccination status to attend campus’