The AHPRA Inquisition Against Australian Health Professionals

We’ve all heard about it. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is engaged in an aggressive witch hunt against any Australian Health professional who deviates even slightly from the State-imposed Covid narrative.

This narrative, with its dogmatic conviction that an apocalyptic catastrophe will befall us if we do not adhere to a brutal regime of lockdowns, mask-wearing, neighbour-dobbing-in, and compulsory vaccination, has kept Australia hypnotised for two long years.

So powerful was the hypnosis that it took high petrol prices and the threat of World War III to finally break it.

Who, or what, is AHPRA? Dr Jereth Kok was interviewed this week on the Caldron Pool show, and he explained that it is a “monstrous bureaucracy” in Canberra that rules over all Australian health professionals: doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, paramedics, osteopaths, pharmacists.

Dr Kok himself has been suspended for three years, pending trial, because he dared to defend the simple but now politically incorrect biological fact that, to quote Kindergarten Cop, “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina”.

While the Australian public might have assumed that the role of AHPRA was to protect us from sexual predators and reckless butchers like Jayant Patel, we now know how far from the truth this is.

Instead, AHPRA has become a Stasi-like enforcement arm of the Australian Government. It has devoted itself to purging every health practitioner in the country who dares to take a stance that is at odds with the decrees of the Covid bureaucracy.

Some examples are well known. Much adored Melbourne GP, Dr Mark Hobart, was purged by AHPRA in late 2021 for issuing exemptions to patients who were experiencing mental distress as a result of Victoria’s tyrannical mandatory vaccination regime. A few weeks later he was joined in forced exile by Dr Denes Borsos, who having lived through Eastern European Communism, has now been given a taste of Australian Communism.

Caldron Pool has been informed by people inside the “dissident” medical community that at least 20 doctors nationwide have had their licences summarily cancelled simply for writing vaccine exemptions and many more have either been “investigated”, or are still being “investigated”.

Dr Hobart told Gideon Rozner of the Institute of Public Affairs that he is aware of around 20 suspended doctors in Victoria alone. The exact number is unknown because of the extreme secrecy that surrounds AHPRA’s machinations.

Many doctors were dutifully dobbed in by other doctors, employers, and zealous members of the public. One doctor, now suspended, was even turned into the authorities by a hospitality venue that had been presented with a vaccine exemption by a would-be patron.


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  1. This mob of medical tyrants and thugs are going to be held accountable and responsible for what they have done to our people – absolutely heinous crimes against innocent populations and they all will face the consequences.

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  2. Mandated vaccinations or any forced medical treatment are crimes against innocent populations and the additional fact that the entire vaccination policy is totally corrupted with massive systemic and extensive Conflicts of interest and it is absolutely criminal to mandate any medical treatment.
    FDA noted that Pfizer, “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk” [23]. The EMA similarly acknowledged that “vaccine associated enhanced respiratory disease” was “an important potential risk… that may be specific to vaccination for COVID- 19”.
    Why neither regulator sought to exclude such dangers prior to emergency use authorisation is an open question that all doctors and patients are entitled to ask. Why medical regulators failed to investigate the finding that large vaccine particles cross blood vessel walls, entering the bloodstream and posing risks of blood clotting and leaky vessels is yet another open question again.
    The fact that vaccine rollout began before the immune profile of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 vaccines had been adequately delineated is symptomatic of a rushed and highly politicised approach to the approval and regulation of COVID-19 vaccines. As is the lack of clinical trials investigating the safety of COVID- 19 booster shots.
    In this context, it is up to doctors and patients to uphold the social contract of the doctor-patient relationship, and take medical prudence and patient safety into their own hands.
    The World Medical Association, Declaration of Geneva, Physician’s Pledge states [39]:
    “The health and wellbeing of my patient will be my first consideration. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. I will practise my profession with conscience and dignity and in accordance with good medical practice. I will respect the autonomy and dignity of my patient. I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat.”

    AHPRA not fit for duty

  3. Glaring us all in the face and we all must stand united in ethics, integrity, decency, truth, human rights and freedoms and for the saving of humanity from global totalitarianism, we plead with everyone that ALL ethical and honest Politicians and ALL others MUST END this Dangerous and Deadly Covid Fraud/Tyranny/Atrocity and abolish ALL vaccine mandates and all other tyrannical Government actions now and forever more.

    A cruise ship with fully vaccinated crew members and passengers docked in San Francisco on Sunday after there was a Covid outbreak on board.

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