The Nullarbor Leper: The Deplorables Epic Road Trip

By Michael Gray Griffith: Cafe Locked Out.

Compiled by John Stapleton

The people mover was new and the afternoon sun was deepening its maroon paint as the mother of these five children filled its boot with bags of shopping.

Around the RV her young children, still in their school uniforms, were playing in this tiny wheat town’s empty street, each one wearing their own personalised mask, and each mask firmly secured.

As I entered the store I saw, amongst the other masked shoppers and staff, the ghost of the young man who approached us at the Nullarbor roadhouse.

Out there, in the middle of nowhere, the great plains only support a hand full of small distant anorexic trees, that’s what Nullarbor means, ‘no trees,’ and there, this man, who was wearing a worn black overcoat, with its collar up to shield his skinny neck and his chin with its three days of stubble from the desert’s chilling wind, was shyly asking us what the banners on our truck were about.

We told him we were touring the country, capturing the stories of Australians who had the courage to speak, and that the mainstream media ignored. We wanted to add their voices to the narrative, for we believed that presently our greatest weapons were our voices. We were interested to hear how they had been affected by the restrictions of the last two years, and what their thoughts were of the current state of the country and where it was heading. We were also wanting to challenge the WA border. That’s where we were heading now.

That’s where I came from. I’m from Perth, he said. I’m trying to reach Brisbane. Do you think I’ll get into South Australia? I tried to reach there a few months ago but they turned me back at Ceduna. I had to drive all the way back to Perth. And his tone stated that he still couldn’t believe this.

After checking that no one else could hear, he said, low, I’m unvaccinated.

Same, we replied.

But this didn’t warm his spirit.

It’s the New World Order, he said. I’ve always known it was coming. I’ve been telling people for ages, but I just . . . I just never thought it would arrive.

He was heading to Brisbane. That’s where his elderly parents, Hungarian migrants, lived. Both in their eighties they were also unvaccinated and were calling what was happening in our country now, for how they saw it; Communism.

Together they had fled tyranny to offer their children a life where they could enjoy personal freedoms, and now here their son was a medical leper, a disenfranchised citizen on the run, from what he called a tyrannical state and unemployment, due to non-compliance, unsure if he could even reach them.

We talked some more, but he never relaxed. He was like a rabbit keeping all his senses primed for a fox or a hunter.

We gave him our fruit and vegetables and then I was back, over two thousand kilometers away, in this store, at the till, watching these masked children play, their eyes smiling above their masks, as their mother routinely loaded her car with their weekly shopping.

It made me realise what I already knew. Society is a load of people agreeing to a set of rules and laws, but now the rules that I grew up with had changed. And these changes included altering the meanings of words and phrases that I thought were incorruptible. Like ‘integrity,’ which now meant silent compliance.

My Body My Choice now meant My Body Their Choice, apartheid was no longer segregation it was just the righteous punishment of the selfish, and bullying these selfish people was the decent thing to do, even if they were children.

The new rules also were clear, if you were injured by the vaccine, the expected course of action was that you would keep that to yourself. Even if it killed a loved one, it was not socially acceptable for you to allow them to die in that truth. Incredibly, critical thinking, our pragmatic go to tool, so vital it could almost be called a survival instinct, had now been changed to ‘group think,’ which you could not question, and Freedom, our once glorious and abundant freedom, was now only available via subscription.

Also, these new rules had no space for empathy, for the sake of the community’s health, cold cruelty was now morally preferred.  

And if for some reason you decided you couldn’t abide by these new rules, then you were travelling with this dispossessed man, crossing an ancient land, this baron plain that’s culture was now difficult to recognise and heading towards a future you didn’t want to reach, while out of your windows these masked children ran around their mother and continued to laugh as they played.

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  1. The people of Australia if only All of them knew the extent of depravity, corruption and conflicts of interest we wouldn’t even need an election as the monstrous tyrants dictators would have been dragged from the Parliamentary – it’s truly insane what our so called leaders have done to US and OUR lives and murdered ALL our rights choices and freedoms – together the people of Australia can reclaim our lives country and Democracy – Here’s how >
    Australians must NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to Totalitarian State and Federal Governments – we refuse to let these Tyrannical Governments “Premiers and Prime Minister” destroy our lives and our Democracy and force us into communism!!!
    So My fellow Australians that’s what we must do and in the upcoming Australian Federal Election NEVER NEVER NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN.

    Liberal National Party’s Digital Surveillance to be implemented after election

    The expertise of this person is most important for this News – see >
    Mark Steele Expert report on 5G emissions in context of nanometal-contaminated vaccines – FOR LIFE ON EARTH
    Research scientists and medical doctors across the world have been gagged, threatened and vilified in the media and discredited as conspiracy theorists by governments and their agents when they have spoken out to oppose this trans-globalist agenda. The Great Barrington Declaration, with over 800,000 signatories, has been ignored and vilified by those pushing their terrorizing narrative. It was unconscionably ignored so that the populations in the West could be terrorized into participating in the largest illegal and unlawful medical experiment in world history. IV.6

    1. Thank you for yet another excellent posting of amazing reports from leading experts in their particular fields.
      Of particular interest to me is the report by Mark Steel with regards to 5g emissions in the context of the nanometal “enriched” faux vaccines.
      I had no idea of the real potency and danger the 5g emissions pose.
      In my simplistic but logical way of thinking I did however suspect a strong link between 5g and the presence of nanometal in the fake vaccines for some time since I always considered the JAB to be the KEY factor in this murderous plot orchestrated by the WEF ELITE monsters!
      Of course we all know that the infamous PCR, not fit for purpose, test was and still is used in places to conjure up false numbers of infections at will. Additionally all these supposed symptoms of covid, covering the whole gambit of possible “deadly” deceases including hiccup to keep the fear factor bubbling, is of course another give away too.
      What will it take to stop this inhuman insanity from happening? I wish I had the answer, I really do.